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Impossible to solve; having no solution: a seemingly insolvable problem.

in·solv′a·bil′i·ty n.
in·solv′a·bly adv.


another word for insoluble2
inˌsolvaˈbility n
inˈsolvably adv


(ɪnˈsɒl və bəl)

incapable of being solved; insoluble.
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Adj.1.insolvable - not easily solvedinsolvable - not easily solved; "an apparantly insolvable problem"; "public finance...had long presented problems unsolvable or at least unsolved"- C.L.Jones
insoluble - admitting of no solution or explanation; "an insoluble doubt"


[ɪnˈsɒlvəbl] ADJinsoluble
References in classic literature ?
This applause of the "rebel" air in a Northern city does puzzle a little; but it is not insolvable.
I pondered the mystery a minute or two; but finding it insolvable, and being certain it could not be of much moment, I dismissed, and soon forgot it.
So it is not in my intrest to assist either to get out of an insolvable and potentially dangerous political quagmire.
The roots of religion and philosophy both lie buried in early human thinking over insolvable question of death.
Apart from North Korea, I haven't mentioned the other multiple crises America faces overseas - from the continuing nightmare of Syria, with its hundreds of thousands of dead and millions of refugees, to the humanitarian crisis that is Yemen, and the increasingly insolvable Israel-Palestine conflict.
In the System of Transcendental Idealism, Schelling felt that this reductive problem was insolvable, and that infinite consciousness could never grasp the even greater infinite nature which was beyond it.
Eurosceptics would say that they were control freaks who created insolvable problems summed up as 'Nothing' therefore it's over and we just couldn't take it anymore.
Every discipline is looking at different problems, so the particular challenge may be in the eye of the engineer, but "none of them are insolvable, in my opinion," Schnabel says.
Si ce client venait a etre declare insolvable, la Societe supportera une part importante des impayes, compte tenu des dispositions des contrats d'assurance.
J'aborderai en premier lieu la tromperie et l'endettement initial, puis en deuxieme lieu la fiction de la dette insolvable.
Noting that the regional problems and challenges between Iran and the US are insolvable through negotiations, he said, "The Americans want to take everything in return for nothing.
The constant tension between the Law and the law, conditional and unconditional hospitality, introduces an aporia, an insolvable antimony.