insomuch as

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in·so·much as

1. To such extent or degree as.
2. Inasmuch as; since.
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'With the passing of time, I am increasingly sure that he is the perfect ambassador for our valued Venetian Society, insomuch as his character and skills reflect those of our guests: Fernando is personable, eloquent, knowledgeable and intelligent.
Insomuch as our lives are centered around our work, it is vitally important that our work experience be a winning one it is personally beneficial for us and it is cost-effective for our employers.
Insomuch as in the Federal Levies inheritance is a consideration for recruitment.
Insomuch as many would say Ruth has been an angel to the Almaidami family, they have all, in their own unique ways, been angels to her.
He said: "She's very supportive insomuch as she has become my mother.
The system worked insomuch as it helped catapult OnePlus into the consciousness of smartphone buyers the world over without spending huge gobs of cash on marketing.
According to the proportional distribution of the public TV channels broadcasting hours in Oman TV and the annual broadcasting hours, the religious, cultural and educational programs have accounted for 24.5% of the broadcasting hours insomuch as two thousand and 150 hours; while the share of development programs was two thousand and 82 hours constituting about 23.8% of the broadcasting hours.
Cem Behar returns sacral understanding of the dervish experience, insomuch as this can be known outside the Mevlevi orders continued performance of these rituals in private.
As far as consolidation goes, this latest report falls in line with the trends of the last three reports insomuch as the research shows companies clustering into three levels of law firm consolidation.
By a great drought which continued from the third week in May, till about the middle of July, without any rain and with great heat for the most part, insomuch as the corn began to wither away though it was set with fish, the moisture whereof helped it much.
Clinical decision support tools make EHRs pertinent insomuch as they can incorporate accepted practice guidelines as well as customized "best practice" decision support.