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n. Abbr. ins. or insp.
1. One who is appointed or employed to inspect something.
2. A police officer ranking next below superintendent.

in·spec′to·ral, in′spec·to′ri·al (-tôr′ē-əl) adj.
in·spec′tor·ship′ n.
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Internationally, hospital visitors are categorized into four groups: patient visitors (family and friends); public visitors (philanthropists, entertainers, tourists and clergy); house visitors (involved with management and governance of the hospital) and official visitors (dignitaries and those having inspectorial responsibilities)1.
Como nota caracteristica, la nueva fundacion se presenta como obra de la Familia Salesiana inspectorial. Se define como entidad sin animo de lucro, de ambito nacional, compartida con los grupos seglares que colaboran de forma institucional en nuestras obras, llamados a formar parte del maximo organo de gobierno y de otras estructuras de animacion.