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1. Of or relating to inspiration.
2. Providing or intended to convey inspiration.
3. Resulting from inspiration.

in′spi·ra′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.inspirationally - with inspiration; in an inspiring manner, "he talked inspirationally"
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At last year's heat of the Tyneside and Northumberland Business Executive of the Year Awards, judges said: "Roger - energetic, inspirationally driven, and a real enthusiast prepared to take a calculated risk - is a great stabiliser turning the company around.
My beloved Mum closed her eyes for the last time after an inspirationally brave battle.
Today, well over a decade into a major cycle of superhero films coming from Hollywood, we can conclusively argue that superheroes are not fascist and are instead inspirationally virtuous.
What these early TED talks have in common with a sales pitch is, first, they are presented inspirationally and with the goal of convincing listeners of the assumptions as well as the trustworthiness and ingenuity of the presenter.
Let's look at some of the reasons, which your staff can inspirationally share with customers.
First, and most obviously, we have to recognise that Daesh's occupation of large sections of Iraq and Syria is not a distant tragedy, but the driving force behind these attacks, operationally and inspirationally.
Harry died at the age of 11 in October 2012 after inspirationally raising PS500,000 for Cancer Research UK while battling a brain tumour.
The legendary Henry Ford made aircraft - bringing the Trimotor, an inspirationally named three-motor passenger plane, to the market in the 1920s.
So amid the tale of adventure and danger, of blasting through mountains; the raucous fervor of the towns the sprung up along the construction route; the military-like management of work crews; the corruption of some of those tasked with leading the effort; and the national hoopla that surrounded it all, there is a great story of the inspirationally industrious immigrants who actually did the backbreaking work required to lay 1,800 miles of rail between Omaha and Sacramento.
When the goalkeeper plays as inspirationally as he did, you have to take your hat off and say well done.
While he did not make a save the Pirates became the first team for a decade to return to the Football League at the first time of asking with a 5-3 penalty victory after Grimsby's Jon-Paul Pittman, who had presumably been inspirationally told before the match to shoot for the stars, did just that.
Inspirationally, Di Leo finds the tools for the university's reinvention in the critical terminologies of the humanities' and social sciences' most innovative recent thought.