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tr.v. in·spir·it·ed, in·spir·it·ing, in·spir·its
To instill courage or life into.

in·spir′it·ing·ly adv.


(tr) to fill with vigour; inspire
inˈspiriter n
inˈspiriting adj
inˈspiritingly adv
inˈspiritment n


(ɪnˈspɪr ɪt)

to infuse spirit or life into; enliven.
in•spir′it•er, n.
in•spir′it•ment, n.


Past participle: inspirited
Gerund: inspiriting

I inspirit
you inspirit
he/she/it inspirits
we inspirit
you inspirit
they inspirit
I inspirited
you inspirited
he/she/it inspirited
we inspirited
you inspirited
they inspirited
Present Continuous
I am inspiriting
you are inspiriting
he/she/it is inspiriting
we are inspiriting
you are inspiriting
they are inspiriting
Present Perfect
I have inspirited
you have inspirited
he/she/it has inspirited
we have inspirited
you have inspirited
they have inspirited
Past Continuous
I was inspiriting
you were inspiriting
he/she/it was inspiriting
we were inspiriting
you were inspiriting
they were inspiriting
Past Perfect
I had inspirited
you had inspirited
he/she/it had inspirited
we had inspirited
you had inspirited
they had inspirited
I will inspirit
you will inspirit
he/she/it will inspirit
we will inspirit
you will inspirit
they will inspirit
Future Perfect
I will have inspirited
you will have inspirited
he/she/it will have inspirited
we will have inspirited
you will have inspirited
they will have inspirited
Future Continuous
I will be inspiriting
you will be inspiriting
he/she/it will be inspiriting
we will be inspiriting
you will be inspiriting
they will be inspiriting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been inspiriting
you have been inspiriting
he/she/it has been inspiriting
we have been inspiriting
you have been inspiriting
they have been inspiriting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been inspiriting
you will have been inspiriting
he/she/it will have been inspiriting
we will have been inspiriting
you will have been inspiriting
they will have been inspiriting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been inspiriting
you had been inspiriting
he/she/it had been inspiriting
we had been inspiriting
you had been inspiriting
they had been inspiriting
I would inspirit
you would inspirit
he/she/it would inspirit
we would inspirit
you would inspirit
they would inspirit
Past Conditional
I would have inspirited
you would have inspirited
he/she/it would have inspirited
we would have inspirited
you would have inspirited
they would have inspirited
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Verb1.inspirit - infuse with spirit; "The company spirited him up"
liven, liven up, enliven, invigorate, animate - make lively; "let's liven up this room a bit"


1. To impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to:
2. To raise the spirits of:
Obsolete: exalt.
References in classic literature ?
Inspirited by this wind of promise, my daydreams become more fervent and vivid.
And on learning that tomorrow they were to attack the enemy, and hearing from the highest quarters a confirmation of what they wanted to believe, the exhausted, wavering men felt comforted and inspirited.
Inspirited by the scene and their anticipated amusement, the youthful companions of the Judge followed his steps, as he led them along the shores of the Otsego, and through the skirts of the village.
My presence among the men so greatly inspirited them that they fell upon the luckless whites with such terrible ferocity that within a few moments we had turned the tables upon them and a second later as we swarmed their own decks I had the satisfaction of seeing their commander take the long leap from the bows of his vessel in token of surrender and defeat.
In an interaction with the International Cricket Council (ICC), Lara shared how his family supported and inspirited him to grow as a cricketer.
Lewis may have been thinking of Jesus' test when he wrote in The Screwtape Letters that human beings are "amphibians--half spirit and half animal." Lewis said that we belong to both time and eternity, and that finding our balance in those two dimensions, learning how to be embodied spirits, or divinely inspirited persons of flesh and blood, is the goal of human life.
And yet at the heart of his fandom resided something else: An authentic fan, like Rob, feels inspirited or inspired.
Chef Wakuda's pure, refined cooking keeps Danzi and the five dining room sommeliers--one dedicated to each section of the dining room-perpetually inspirited. "I am proud to represent Tetsuya's, and to work in absolute tranquility with the team and in synergy with our clientele." Danzi acknowledges, "There are always challenges in coming up with pairings and finding just the right balance between wine and Chef's clean flavor profiles." At this particular moment in time Danzi recommends 16 Lark Hill Gruner Veltliner Canberra District ACT with yellowfin tuna, saltbush, and finger limes, and 13 Chalmers Sagrantino Appassimento Heathcote VIC with Tetsuya's chocolate cake.
Against the Gulf's historic traumas and racially economized cheapness of life, we find an inspirited dedication to the dead in Howe's "Savage Conversations," Charo Guerra's "Racial Cleansing," Luis Lorentes's "Negro Spiritual," and Brenda Marie Osbey's hauntingly cadenced "Death by Water Suite." The power of the region's music comes through in much of this material, even in translations carrying a Gulf muse across from Spanish or Yucatec Mayan.
"Inspirited by colours dancing off the Mediterranean sea, high shine, bright, reflective tones help to lift skin tones whereas new texture-inspired colouring techniques help to give a new dimension to the professional colour palette," he added.
They inspirited her life which will be missed by family and many friends.
In this paper, inspirited by some proposed ideas, such as ring signature and mix zone, we present a collaboratively hidden location privacy scheme.