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 (ĭn-spĭs′āt′, ĭn′spĭ-sāt′)
intr. & tr.v. in·spis·sat·ed, in·spis·sat·ing, in·spis·sates
To undergo thickening or cause to thicken, as by boiling or evaporation; condense.

[From Late Latin īnspissāre, īnspissāt-, to thicken : Latin in-, causative pref.; see in-2 + Latin spissus, thick.]

in′spis·sa′tion n.
in·spis′sa′tor n.
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the process of rendering a liquid thicker by evaporation. — inspissant, n. — inspissate, adj.
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Noun1.inspissation - the process of thickening by dehydration
drying up, evaporation, desiccation, dehydration - the process of extracting moisture
2.inspissation - the act of thickening
condensing, condensation - the act of increasing the density of something
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Bile stasis can be caused by fasting, obstruction, postsurgical/procedural irritation or ileus (Total parenteral nutrition [TPN]), which can lead to bile inspissation that is directly toxic to the gallbladder Epithelium.
Ocular rosacea can present in several forms, including sties on the eyelids, blepharitis with chalazia and telangiectasia, and "meibomian inspissation visible as pale streaks perpendicular to the lid margin," according to a 2016 review article she cited (Clin Dermatol.
Mucocoeles may have variable densities on CT and signal intensities on MRI depending on their protein content, inspissation and presence of infection.