installment buying

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Noun1.installment buying - a system for paying for goods by installmentsinstallment buying - a system for paying for goods by installments
regular payment - a payment made at regular times
hire-purchase, never-never - installment plan; "we bought a car on the never-never"
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From how the popularity of American steamboats and railroads helped guitar sales to how guitar dealers were affected by the concept of installment buying after the Great Depression, this is a solid focus that cultivates a historical perspective others miss.
For this reason, installment buying often accounted for up to 90% of purchases through newly flourishing mail-order-businesses, where consumers could remain more anonymous than at the local stores they normally frequented.
(2) Installment Buying: This helps the participants to acquire goods sold from house to house by itinerant peddlers as well as goods sold in the shops.
You will also find information on installment buying and selling, and NOLs.
Sloan, CEO of General Motors, pioneered installment buying by reversing the common assumption that people had to pay for a car before they drove it.