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1. The quality or condition of being insistent; urgency: the instancy of their prayers.
2. Immediacy of occurrence; instantaneousness: the instancy of her response.


1. the quality of being urgent or imminent
2. instantaneousness; immediateness


(ˈɪn stən si)

1. the quality of being instant; urgency; pressing nature.
2. immediateness.
[1505–15; < Latin]
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Noun1.instancy - the quickness of action or occurrence; "the immediacy of their response"; "the instancy of modern communication"
celerity, rapidity, rapidness, speediness, quickness - a rate that is rapid
2.instancy - the quality of being insistent; "he pressed his demand with considerable instancy"
urgency - pressing importance requiring speedy action; "the urgency of his need"
archaicism, archaism - the use of an archaic expression
References in classic literature ?
Riach's business, and he now begged me for a dram with such instancy and such reminders of his former kindness, that at last I handed him a pannikin with about a gill of brandy.
When we bemoan the "poetry" that has been prefixed with "insta," we are bemoaning instancy itself--the brief snippets of language, offering repetitive iterations of shallow self-adoration that begin with the premise of radically empowered independence that in turn leads to a ferocious rejection of the painful realities of interdependence.
These contain stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) by using GammaKnife (GK) and CyberKnife (CK) or stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) using CK or a linear accelerator (LINAC).1,6,7 Even though surgery presents both instancy and low rates of recurrence, the potential morbidity of surgical resection of acoustic neuromas (ANs) can be meaningful.
that rejected the necessity of interconnectedness, proceeded without context, argued for instancy against historical continuity, and offered fascination in place of complexity and coherence" (p.
Twitter can be used to create a connection of trust around which valuable real-world journalism can be built, overwhelming newsrooms on the back of its accessibility, usefulness and instancy. Facebook is the most outstanding network for driving traffic and referrals to mainstream media corporations: its users are generally interested in significant news stories or events that are entertaining or uncommon.
Memory aims to compose itself before our eyes, in the instancy of reading.
In an era of instancy and do-it-now mantra, the focus on customer experience and customer engagement in our brand services will demarcate the running, from the also-rans.