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1. Occurring or completed without perceptible delay: Relief was instantaneous.
2. Done or made as quickly or directly as possible: an instantaneous reply to my letter.
3. Present or occurring at a specific instant: instantaneous velocity; instantaneous pressure.

[From Medieval Latin īnstantāneus, from Latin īnstāns, īnstant-, present; see instant.]

in·stan′ta·ne′i·ty (ĭn-stăn′tə-nē′ĭ-tē, ĭn′stən-) n.
in′stan·ta′ne·ous·ly adv.
in′stan·ta′ne·ous·ness n.
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As a consequence of the semantic gap problem [10], previously proposed external solutions have fundamental shortcomings on the instantaneity and effectiveness.
Nowadays, with the aid of streaming and the instantaneity of music, everyone can be plugged into everything.
This kind of critique is implicitly contradictory for two reasons: Jameson interprets Cloud Atlas, the novel of the world's singularities, from the angle of his own universal approach to history, and the worldview it commands frames Jameson's argumentation; and, to read the instantaneity of past and present events in the novel presupposes the universal context that our world--a single world--constitutes.
Digital technology has grafted absolute instantaneity on to the old habits of folklore, heroic legend and the cult of the saints.
The experiential salience of instantaneity, rapid reaction loops, affordances for relative anonymity, and the possibility to automate trolls and invite attention of interested bystanders through tags and retweets have amplified the conditions for confrontational encounters on online media.
Bauman's assertion, following Weber, is that this commitment to instantaneity has devalued the notion of eternity, or even the long-term view of time, with unknown, unpredictable consequences (Bauman, 2012).
As regards the way how these reflections and refractions project themselves in the sign, it is worth stressing that the interpretation held here is that this happens in such a manner that the senses, perceptions and values to which the word selfie is usually associated with (speed, high-technology, instantaneity, the I as protagonist, fluidity, flexibility, etc.
13) The instantaneity of the digital camera to capture evanescent and elusive moments in architecture, through zoomed-in and panoramic shots, has radically altered the scope and breadth of her work and its conceptual possibilities.
Along with the instantaneity that comes with electronic media, alumni anticipated social media be kept up-to-date, active, and engaging as a digital form of public relations.
The instantaneity and the spreading through networks combined with the possibility of "liking" and discussing provides the perfect background for a shared accepted meaning.
Moyer's enchanting play of contradictions insists that abstraction and figuration, foreground and background, painting and design, instantaneity and narrative be alternately conflated and upheld.
This instantaneity can encourage impulsive or thoughtless behaviors, and it is the reason why many internet safety campaigns used slogans such as "think before you click" or "think before you post".

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