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in·star 1

tr.v. in·starred, in·star·ring, in·stars
To stud with or as if with stars.

in·star 2

A stage of an insect or other arthropod between one molt and the next.

[New Latin īnstar, from Latin, image, form.]


(Zoology) the stage in the development of an insect between any two moults
[C19: New Latin from Latin: image]


(ˈɪn stɑr)

an insect or other arthropod in any stage between molts.
[1890–95; < New Latin; Latin īnstar equivalent, counterpart]
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Noun1.instar - an insect or other arthropod between moltsinstar - an insect or other arthropod between molts
arthropod - invertebrate having jointed limbs and a segmented body with an exoskeleton made of chitin
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But if persons of quality and judgment concur, then it is (as the Scripture saith) nomen bonum instar unguenti fragrantis.
Morristown-based full-service railcar leasing company The InStar Group established in partnership with Sightway Capital have formed an agreement to purchase 2,146 railcars from transportation finance and logistics company CAI International.
At the 4th instar stage, the larvae was transferred to individual Petri dishes ([9cm.sup.2] in diameter), thereby supplying the feeding regimes to be estimated.
The larvae are at their fifth instar, and in matter of days they shall start spinning into cocoons, says Owino.
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matsumurai caughtwas 101: adults 62; old nymphs 29 (4th instar 17, 5th instar 12); young nymphs 10 (1st and 2nd instar 0,3rd instar 10), respectively.
Morphometric study of different life stages of B.dorsalis was carried out by taking ten replicates of each stage, viz., egg, 1st instar, 2nd instar, fully grown 3rd instar, pupa and adults for linear measurements; in addition to the above parameters, color, shape, size, hatching and developmental time of eggs, larvae, pupae and adults were also noted by following the techniques of (Ekesi et al., 2007; Mir et al., 2014).