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They said instatement they will "keep working and dancing together", adding: "We will always love each other, in a different way as friends."
After which, the Presidency issued a notification of Zaman\'s instatement as Governor on Wednesday.
A hot topic in contemporary news with repeated attempts in recent years to pass the federal DREAM Act, as well as the Obama administration's instatement of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, immigration is a timely and important topic for young adults.
Sum insured may be fixed either on re- instatement basis or indemnity basis.
Al Futtaim Motorssaid instatement that the steering shaft could separate in the 2014 MY model because it has been welded badly.
The athletes also need to go through four re- instatement dope tests before their suspension periods in order to be eligible to compete again.