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also in·stil  (ĭn-stĭl′)
tr.v. in·stilled, in·still·ing, in·stills also in·stils
1. To introduce by gradual, persistent efforts; implant: "Morality ... may be instilled into their minds" (Thomas Jefferson).
2. To pour in (medicine, for example) drop by drop.

[Middle English instillen, from Latin īnstīllāre : in-, into; see in-2 + stīllāre, to drip, drop (from stīlla, drop).]

in′stil·la′tion (ĭn′stə-lā′shən) n.
in·still′er n.
in·still′ment n.
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Noun1.instilling - teaching or impressing upon the mind by frequent instruction or repetition
indoctrination - teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically
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Sport and awareness contests were held aimed at promoting spirit of cooperation and instilling loyalty to the homeland and leadership.
The parents believe in the importance of instilling values of belonging and loyalty to the homeland as well as enhancing their children's cultural awareness of the genuine democratic process in the country.
Elago said instead of instilling nationalism among the youth, the ROTC has resulted in violence against the cadets who suffer abuse or humiliation by their superior officers.
Words and Deeds for Life's Sticky, Tricky, Uncomfortable Situations" is a guide to keeping one's tongue straight and not saying something that would make others think less of them--advice on instilling confidence in oneself so that they may instill confidence in others.