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1. Of, relating to, or prompted by instinct.
2. Arising from impulse or natural inclination. See Synonyms at instinctive.

in·stinc′tu·al·ly adv.
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Derived from or prompted by a natural tendency or impulse:


[ɪnˈstɪŋktjʊəl] ADJinstintivo


, instinctual
a. instintivo-a.
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If you instinctually want to insert a new comma into a 10-year old article, with an obsessive enthusiasm, then the game's still afoot.
Versace attributes this in part to her "acceptance" of other people, who know instinctually they can walk up to her and that she'll be nice.
Governments in Nigeria derive the notional basis of their legitimacy and independence by instinctually opposing and upending the programmes and policies of their predecessors-even when they are from the same political party.
While we have talked for quite some years now about how we no longer live in "Christendom," I believe that we are still strongly and instinctually influenced by a Christendom mindset.
He just instinctually does that game after game after game.'
"You go back to that instinctually, [you] go back to those books and decipher what makes them worthy adversaries for Bond.
Even the most social cats instinctually crave a quiet spot to retreat from the bustle of busy life.
As an interesting example, I sat in a taxi in the front seat and I was using my phone, until the driver stopped to pick up two guys, and instinctually I closed my phone and held it under my leg, and my heart started pounding, as if I was being attacked.
When President Barack Obama met Paro a few years ago on a tour of Japanese robotics innovations, he instinctually reached out and rubbed its head and back.
On the way, the tale takes in the elucidation of the soul and the life force which lights the way to perfection; the relationship between the all-important master and student; and the calming of the mind that allows any exponent of the art to act instinctually in overcoming his greatest opponent -- himself.
However, sometimes when people gave me sympathetic looks, I instinctually showed somehow an aggressive attitude.

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