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 (ĭn′stĭ-to͞ot′, -tyo͞ot′)
tr.v. in·sti·tut·ed, in·sti·tut·ing, in·sti·tutes
a. To establish, organize, or introduce: institute wage and price controls. See Synonyms at establish.
b. To initiate; begin: institute a search for the missing hikers.
2. To establish or invest (someone) in an office or position.
1. An organization founded to promote a cause: a cancer research institute.
a. An educational institution, especially one for the instruction of technical subjects.
b. The building or buildings housing such an institution.
3. A usually short, intensive workshop or seminar on a specific subject.
4. Archaic
a. A principle or rudiment of a particular subject.
b. institutes A digest of or commentary on such principles or rudiments, especially a legal abstract.

[Middle English instituten, from Latin īnstituere, īnstitūt-, to establish : in-, in; see in-2 + statuere, to set up; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

in′sti·tut′er, in′sti·tu′tor n.
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No institution will be better than the institutor. I knew an amiable and accomplished person who undertook a practical reform, yet I was never able to find in him the enterprise of love he took in hand.
Entre sus publicaciones recientes tenemos en coautoria: "Los maestros y las maestras de escuela en el Estado institutor: su profesionalizacion y vinculacion a la burocracia del Estado Soberano de Santander, 1870-1885", Revista Colombiana de Educacion No.
Asi, pues, cuando el institutor quiera desarrollar una letra o una silaba, presentara a la vista de los ninos el dibujo de un objeto cuyo nombre contenga.
Ello podria sugerir el interes por vincular a Augusto con el mitico descubridor de las riquezas de la ciudad y mostrarlo asi -haciendo suyas tradiciones ibericas del culto al fundador--como conditor o fundador de la nueva ciudad, como asi pudo ocurrir en otras urbes hispanas, como Segobriga, donde el princeps pudo heroizarse como Heros Ktistes o institutor del municipio augusteo en virtud de la adaptacion de las tradiciones celticas del culto al fundador (Abascal y Almagro-Gorbea, 2012: 335).
Arthur, the court's "rejectio[n]" of the green girdle "as a sign" means that Gawain has "failed in his task as first institutor," since the sign's users do not adopt its "intended" signification (1989, 112; 126).
"We might have hit a rough patch in Europe due to some very fundamental mistakes in the structure of the union but the EU has been a success and there is much to be learnt from our experience," said the director of Institutor Affair International, a political and economic think tank based in Italy.

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