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1. The act, practice, or profession of instructing: math instruction.
a. Imparted knowledge: We sought further instruction in a more advanced class.
b. An imparted or acquired item of knowledge: The judge gave the jury an instruction in how the law defines an accomplice.
a. often instructions An authoritative direction to be obeyed; an order: had instructions to be home by midnight.
b. instructions Detailed directions about how to do something: read the instructions for assembly.
4. Computers A sequence of bits that tells a central processing unit to perform a particular operation and can contain data to be used in the operation.

in·struc′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.instructional - of or relating to or used in instruction; "instructional aids"
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[ɪnˈstrʌkʃənəl] adj [film, book, video] → éducatif/iveinstruction book nmanuel m d'utilisationinstruction booklet nmode m d'emploiinstruction manual nmanuel m d'utilisation
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Athabasca University of Canada makes use of extensive range of distance learning ways and depends upon a diversity of instructional technology to convey instructional and course material to its learners.
In a 1994 paper titled "Media Will Never Influence Learning," Clark reiterated his argument, "Media and their attributes have important influences on the cost or speed of learning but only the use of adequate instructional methods will influence learning" (Clark, 1994, p.
I, Biological Sciences Instructional Complex Room 207
This upcoming online webinar series, "E-learning Instructional Design: A Quick-and-Dirty 3-Week Tutorial" is spread over 14 sessions (each session of one hour duration) that will take the participants through the basics of instructional design and impart hands-on training on designing digital courses.
The purpose of this report, "Instructional Materials for English Language Learners in Urban Public Schools," is to examine how district- and school-level staff members acquire and use instructional materials for English Language Learners (ELLs).
Spaulding (educational research and program evaluation, College of Saint Rose) and Smith, a consultant and mentor for instructional coaches and former teacher, principal, and superintendent, draw on their research on 13 instructional coaches in low-performing elementary schools to show instructional coaches and district administrators, principals, and school leaders how to integrate coaches into a school through a team approach that involves the principal and school staff, to help teachers improve their practice.
As such, scholars have an obligation to better understand how instructional immediacy affects the military student population, especially if the effect is unique to that of civilian learners or if military students perceive different cues to be immediate than those cues have been identified as immediate by civilian students.
Reigeluth, a well-respected theorist and influential author in the field of instructional design, is a professor in the Instructional Systems Technology department at Indiana University's School of Education.
Explain various types of instructional media and discuss the criteria for selecting instructional media.
Instructional leadership (IL) is identified as a dimension of educational leadership exclusively focusing on teaching and learning, technical core of educational institute.
Instructional coaches share the responsibility of teacher leadership with administrators in the district.

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