instrument panel

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instrument panel

A mounted array of instruments used to operate a machine, especially the dashboard of an automotive vehicle, aircraft, or motorboat. Also called instrument board.

instrument panel


instrument board

1. (Automotive Engineering) a panel on which instruments are mounted, as on a car. See also dashboard
2. (Mechanical Engineering) an array of instruments, gauges, etc, mounted to display the condition or performance of a machine or process

in′strument pan`el

1. a panel on which are mounted an array of dials, lights, and gauges that monitor the performance of an airplane, boat, or machine.
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Noun1.instrument panel - electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devicesinstrument panel - electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices; "he checked the instrument panel"; "suddenly the board lit up like a Christmas tree"
dashboard, fascia - instrument panel on an automobile or airplane containing dials and controls
electrical device - a device that produces or is powered by electricity
idiot light - a colored warning light on an instrument panel (as for low oil pressure)
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The most severely damaged area was at the instrument panel in the vicinity of a stereo system (arrow).
As they are a leader in refurbished cockpit lighted instrument panels, they wanted to make sure that whatever system they chose is the best so that they could deliver the best to their customers.
Increasing number of new vehicle launches have renewed the demand for new instrument panel designs.
By creating the instrument panel for the new Ford Escape in microcellular foam, it is claimed its weight is reduced by more than 11b, mechanical properties are improved, moulding cycle time is reduced by 15 percent and moulding clamp tonnage is reduced by 45 percent, saving an estimated 1.
The new airbag can help to mitigate passenger injuries and can allow for improved interior design aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality while saving space in the instrument panel.
The instrument panel, and the dash-mounted cockpit clock and rev counter, have matt silver components to add another eye-catching touch.
If any deviation is detected, an audible and visual warning is sent from the instrument panel, preventing hazardous situations, such as a driver falling asleep at the wheel.
In this instance, the process for lights-out materials handling begins when Chrysler sends an electronic signal to the IP manufacturer that a specific vehicle has left the paint line and will require an instrument panel within a few hours.
She also wants to develop a European system for the classification of complaints, carry out satisfaction studies in several sectors, and, finally, integrate this instrument panel on consumers into the internal market instrument panel.
Features a new instrument panel that places additional functions and diagnostic capabilities at the operator's fingertips
What kind of lights and lenses do you have on the instrument panel of your M113A3 vehicle, drivers?
Pressing a button on the instrument panel turns the engine over and shuts it off.

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