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1. Serving as a means or agency; implemental: was instrumental in solving the crime.
2. Of, relating to, or accomplished with an instrument or tool.
3. Music Performed on or written for an instrument.
4. Grammar Of, relating to, or being the case used typically to express means, agency, or accompaniment.
5. Of or relating to instrumentalism.
a. Grammar The instrumental case.
b. A word or form in the instrumental case.
2. Music A composition for one or more instruments, usually without vocal accompaniment.

in′stru·men′tal·ly adv.
References in classic literature ?
Doubtless; but I fear that my young relative Will Ladislaw is chiefly determined in his aversion to these callings by a dislike to steady application, and to that kind of acquirement which is needful instrumentally, but is not charming or immediately inviting to self-indulgent taste.
According to him, the Bank maintains a robust and unique partnership with the Federal Government, which has been instrumentally important in the growth of the institution as a shareholder.
Larijani said that the terrorist groups also viewed the foreign intelligence services instrumentally and used their tactical back-up and possibilities, but given their special rules, they moved to a different path from the spy agencies.
Instrumentally, the band was monstrous--better than my wildest dreams.
KPMG's contribution to our exporters' capabilities would prove instrumentally necessary for the forging of successful deals and partnerships with their counterparts in Algeria," he added.
of musicians under the conduction of gifted Musician Jivesh, was instrumentally fabricated with the poetic expressions culminated in selected works of the renowned Legendry Hindi Poet Prof.
They concluded that instrumentally motivated students, who received support in their homes and identified with English language culture succeeded in English language development more than those who were not instrumentally oriented.
Polaris - which Ades will conduct with the CBSO next year - has more impact in its original form utilizing five video screens, here it's a paler minimalist version of the more instrumentally and emotionally weighty Tevot.
Poland did not have real allies during the war, explains Karski, as both Winston Churchill and Roosevelt were cynical, treating Poland instrumentally without regard for its future.
Vocally, the pair bring to mind Janis Joplin and Tom Waits and, instrumentally, Jimi Hendrix with a splash of Django Reinhardt.
Maximo rarely get the credit their instrumentally thrilling, lyrically intelligent, music warrants.
It is then possible to see how these legal human rights may be justified instrumentally on the basis of their contributions to sustaining various morally valuable functions of these legal institutions, which extend beyond that of supporting moral human rights claims.