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Noun1.insulating material - a material that reduces or prevents the transmission of heat or sound or electricityinsulating material - a material that reduces or prevents the transmission of heat or sound or electricity
building material - material used for constructing buildings
lagging - used to wrap around pipes or boilers or laid in attics to prevent loss of heat
corkboard - a heat-insulating building material consisting of cork granules that are made into sheets by compressing and baking
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He may conceive of an ideal insulating material to supersede glass, mica, paper, and enamel.
Dr Michele Bannister, whose research is published in Astrophysical Journal Letters, said: The surface composition is consistent of a layer of insulating material, so something along the lines of dust and grit, maybe organic compounds.
Patent 8,911,860 (December 16, 2014), "Electrically Insulating Material, Particularly for High Voltage Generator," Hans Jedlitschka (General Electric Co.
Details of the Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) project, unveiled recently by the project's co-founders and pilots, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, include a number of innovative products and solutions that make the aircraft especially lightweight and energy efficient, including insulating material for the cockpit from Bayer MaterialScience.
The sidewall rings and the tread segments may include internal cavities which house insulating material.
The new insulating material will be a tailor-made solution for the individual needs of BASF's customers.
Thus, you need to have an insulating material that will prohibit water from condensing on the surface, and the only way to meet that task cost effectively is to use foam that will not let water migrate to the tank surface.
In a mouse model of multiple sclerosis (MS), researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health have developed innovative technology to selectively inhibit the part of the immune system responsible for attacking myelina[euro]"the insulating material that encases nerve fibers and facilitates electrical communication between brain cells.
Insulating material determines inherent isolation capability and is selected to ensure compliance to safety standards.
The use of this as an insulating material of choice has meant that many thousands of homes are as effectively insulated as they can be.
silver) in contact with an insulating material in a humid environment and under an applied electric field, migrates into the insulating material, which may lead to a reduction in insulation resistance or circuit failure, said the company.
The temperature resistance required for the reflow process is achieved through the use of a new insulating material.