(ĭn′sə-lā′tĭv, ĭns′yə-)
Serving to insulate or keep safe: the insulative value of an animal's fur; insulative packing materials.
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2], with a colour-coded indication of the resistivity of the material being measured--green for conductive, yellow for dissipative and red for insulative.
The material is said to have excellent insulative and corrosion-resistant properties, as well as molded-in color, making it ideal for use in the food service industry.
No-clean fluxes are supposed to be insulative and protective; however, this is only upon reaching the point of complete activation, and when they are completely complexed by the removal of the carrier.
Aremcolox 502-600 is an advanced machinable glass-ceramic used to produce thermally insulative and high-dielectric components and fixtures for electrical/electronics and high-temperature applications to 1100[degrees]F (593[degrees]C).
E2 is electrically conductive, and D2 is electrically insulative.
Three layers of foil will be pneumatically inflated to provide a large scale transparent and insulative skin.
The CoolCell technology - using novel thermo-conductive alloy and highly insulative materials - ensures precise heat removal from each tube and standardizes the freezing experience of all cryogenic tubes in a -80C freezer.
a privately-owned supplier of high-temperature-resistant and insulative coatings, based in Boxborough, Massachusetts.
These coatings are used to provide an electrically insulative and environmentally protective seal or cover to a completed PCB.
It is electrically insulative and can be formulated to be fire-retardant.
The fabric employs flame retardant chemistries that maximize the insulative properties of the needlepunched substrate on which the material is based.
Virtually all the suppliers of thermally conductive compounds offer both electrically conductive and insulative types.