(ĭn′sə-lā′tĭv, ĭns′yə-)
Serving to insulate or keep safe: the insulative value of an animal's fur; insulative packing materials.
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Heat-Flex 3500 is a multipurpose insulative acrylic coating for industrial systems that's designed for both personnel protection and mitigating CUI.
3] Triple Glaze block window includes an extra panel of acrylic in the center of each block to help increase the insulative power of the window.
Fiberglass insulation remains a popular choice with construction professionals and DIYers because of its low cost, favorable insulative properties, and ease of installation.
the insulative region, the percolation region, and the conductive region.
With its highly insulative exterior that provides operator safety and comfort, the ultra-low temperature workstation is ideal for loading or unloading freezer racks and cherry-picking, sorting or packaging temperature-sensitive biospecimens or drug products.
He said he bought a car from them and had paid an additional Dh1,500 asking them to paint the vehicle with an insulative paint.
This electrically insulative, dimensionally stable system has low shrinkage upon curing.
His specialties include closed cell extruded sponge, silicone (both molded and extruded), molded hard rubber, electrically insulative materials, color matching, oil- and fuel-resistant compounds and FDA compliant compounds.
a privately-owned supplier of high-temperature-resistant and insulative coatings, based in Boxborough, Mass.
Polystyrene accounts for almost two-fifths of demand for plastic foam and will maintain a sizable share of the market through the forecast period based on its excellent protective and insulative capabilities, moisture resistance, and low cost.
Merino wool is my preferred option; it is super lightweight and still retains insulative properties when wet.