insurance certificate

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the form of the insurance certificate insurance certificate for compulsory insurance of civil liability of the carrier in the transport of dangerous goods.
When Alex was rushed to hospital with a heart attack they refused to treat him, because he had left his insurance certificate at home, until his son handed over a wallet full of credit cards.
They are given the motor insurance certificate and the car then becomes registered as insured.
WHEN Maurice George Jones-Pickering, 23, was stopped by the police he produced a false insurance certificate.
To claim their insurance, customers need to visit their nearest Qatar Mobile Repair Centre (locations mentioned on the insurance certificate) to replace their screen or call Ooredoo Call Centre on 111 for support.
For any member who is not part of our group-policy insurance please remember that a copy of your alternate insurance certificate must be lodged with Head Office.
Under the new law, it's illegal to issue, request, or require issuance of any insurance certificate that includes false or even misleading information.
The average fee for a replacement insurance certificate is PS14.18, but Axa and Swiftcover charge PS30.
Dr Al Yousuf gave an elaborate explanation of the new system at the GDRFA: "The insurance company that is covering a set of employees in a company issues an insurance certificate for each individual.
The firm said that the product has been designed to offer cost saving and quick issuance of the insurance certificate in addition to a valuable insurance coverage to QNB corporate customer's cargo business.
A DRINK driver landed himself in double trouble by giving magistrates a forged insurance certificate.
Cases dealt with by Coventry magistrates on January 27 included: Jason Barratt, 29, of Wappenbury Close, Coventry, admitted driving with no insurance and failing to produce an insurance certificate. He was fined pounds 100, given six points, and told to pay pounds 40 costs and a pounds 15 victim surcharge.

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