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Mumbai: Purchasing a basic health insurance cover can be made affordable by bringing down insurance premium.
A new study has said that insurance premium collection has increased in the nation.
Annual average car insurance premium after a DUI: $2,613.
4% fall on a year ago, according to the latest AA Insurance premium index, which takes the average of the five cheapest quotes on the market.
The Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) pointed out that the labor insurance premium rate will be raised to 8.
The bill also amends the Insurance Premium Finance Company Act of 1968 regarding other finance charges.
That compares with an average 5 percent health insurance premium increase for nonunion employees.
The motoring organisation's benchmark British Insurance Premium Index, which tracks premium quotations from more than 50 companies shows the opposite to be true, AA Insurance managing director Kevin Sinclair said.
One company said its property and business interruption insurance premium alone had risen 2,000%.
The AA reckons insurance premium rises are slowing.
THE Engineering Employers' Federation in North Wales and the North West is calling on the Chancellor to reduce insurance premium tax in the forthcoming Budget.

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