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Not susceptible: insusceptible to bribery.

in·sus·cep′ti·bil′i·ty n.
in′sus·cep′ti·bly adv.
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The capacity to withstand:
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Resistance has been defined as 'the relative insusceptibility of a microorganism to a particular treatment under a particular set of conditions' (21).
As papaya Carica papaya is the main host for PapMV, its insusceptibility to AltMV confirms that these viruses belong to different species [1].
This Part unravels enforcement-finding's processes, explores the depth of its influence, and exposes its insusceptibility to the fact/law framework.
In Sub-Saharan Africa, most children are fed at the breast for 20 or so months and durations of postpartum insusceptibility from abstinence or amenorrhea, though shortening over time, typically remain close to 12 months.
Russell, "Mechanisms of bacterial insusceptibility to biocides," The American Journal of Infection Control, vol.