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adj. Mathematics
Capable of undergoing integration or of being integrated.

in′te·gra·bil′i·ty n.
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ii) A better theoretical understanding (strongly supported by the numerical approach in (i)) of the effects of symmetry breaking, interactions and integrability, in the non-equilibrium dynamics; especially with respect to the non-equilibrium transport of energy and particle throughout the systems as well as a universal description of the stationary states (both equilibrium and non-equilibrium) that emerge at late times.
One of the most important features of integrable equations is that they have Painleve integrability [3].
In four chapters, they discuss integrability properties of approximation processes for SDEs, convergence properties of approximation processes for SDEs, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Miura transformations between members of the class, integrability of the hierarchy and/or individual members of it, existence of other (exotic) exact solutions, collision properties of the known solitary waves, etc.
Property, such continuity, differentiability, integrability, and so on, are ascribed coordinate-wise.
Ito, A first order q-difference system for the BCi-type Jackson integral and its applications, SIGMA Symmetry Integrability Geom.
The complete integrability conditions of the (PDE) system, restrict the set of controls to
Many works have been devoted to the study of three dimensional dynamical systems with primary concern on quantization, construction of conserved quantities, Hamiltonian structures, integrability problems and their numerical integration using techniques from various areas such as Poisson geometry, differential equations, Frobenius integrability theorem and theory of foliations [7,10,15,17,19,20,23-31,38-41,43,46].
Moreover, assume that [XI] fulfils the integrability condition [E2.
From Hodge theory to integrability and TQFT; tt*-geometry; proceedings.
omega) fulfills certain integrability conditions in the vicinity of [omega] = [pi], even the non-symmetric Shannon sampling series converges uniformly on whole of R.
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