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adj. Mathematics
Capable of undergoing integration or of being integrated.

in′te·gra·bil′i·ty n.
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The integrability condition of equations (1) is interpreted as a system of the following partial differential equations of hyperbolic type.
We previously showed that coherent memory determines the extent of system memory and the system proximity to the integrability limit ([[GAMMA].sub.c] [right arrow] [infinity]) [13, 14].
Mara'beh, "On the linearization of second-order ordinary differential equations to the laguerre form via generalized Sundman transformations," Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA), vol.
Most studies apply the Hirota method to completely integrability nonlinear problems as in [10, 15-23].
The complete integrability of (1) was studied by Chowdhury et al.
The integrability of various operators and the upper bound estimates for the norms of operators are very important and core topics while studying the [L.sup.p]-theory of differential forms and investigating the qualitative and quantitative properties of the solutions of partial differential equations.
Llibre, "Weierstrass integrability in Lienard differential systems," Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, vol.
The first point means that solutions to various problems are found in terms of 1-forms and the integrability properties allow transformation of the solution back to the level of functions.
In particular, the integrability of J (M is Hermitian) implies the first condition (3.5) and we have to take care of the second condition only.
The Haantjes tensor and double waves for multi-dimensional systems of hydrodynamic type: a necessary condition for integrability. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 462:1197-1219, 2006.
Also, it has many qualities such as readability, universality, portability, integrability, and extensibility.
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