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One who advocates or works for social integration.

in′te·gra′tion·ist adj.
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n (US) → Vertreter(in) m(f)der Rassenintegration
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Later that year the coming to office of President Trump reiterated the trend and showed further the decline of globalist and integrationist policies.
ShandellAEs history demonstrates a range of approaches and stances-at times integrationist, at other times collectivist, and individualistic.
Integrationist sentiment romantically sidesteps the question of color, which after all has been the root of the problem..
integrationism should be regarded as normative ("Integrationist
Williams to the art of the Black Panther Party, the author encourages a look at the breadth of forces brought to bear as weapons in the struggle for civil rights, and in doing so, allowing for a reconsideration of the roots of Black Power, recognizing that it emerged both from within and as a critique of the southern integrationist movement.
My integrationist approach to the novel sheds new light on the protagonist's homosexual encounter, which five of the black separatists condemned.
In many ways, this chapter further highlights Richards' parents' integrationist motives as they relocate from Mt.
Lashing out at Kiran Kumar Reddy and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu for their conduct in the House, Sreekanth said "the chief minister who had all the time been helping the division process in every possible way and was instrumental in AP NGOs calling off their strike moves a resolution at the fag-end of the session and washes his hands off to claim to be an integrationist."
New proposals included creation of ElectroCaribe and a fund to promote various social programmes in the region, which would make Bolivar's integrationist dream possible.
And so, blacks come off far worse than whites in the book, even though Cruse's own orientation is black nationalist more than it is integrationist.
| SIR - I am a committed European integrationist and fully support economic and monetary union (EMU), including the euro, which I'd like Wales to have one day following a referendum.

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