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One who advocates or works for social integration.

in′te·gra′tion·ist adj.


n (US) → Vertreter(in) m(f)der Rassenintegration
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And as if that weren't scary enough, there's also the possibility that feminism's current engagement with issues of race does violence not only to the past but to the present and the future as well: "While I do not discount the significance of such work and while my own scholarly preoccupations are clearly part of this contemporary trajectory, I am nonetheless stunned by the ideological affinities (and their recuperatory potentials) between such preoccupations and the economy of visibility that structures the integrationist containment of `difference' in American culture itself.
When he tried to choose a moderate for his running mate as a third-party candidate, supporters revolted against ex-governor of Kentucky "Happy" Chandler, branding him an "out-and-out integrationist," who, as baseball commissioner, had permitted Jackie Robinson to enter the major leagues.
The essay's plea that the "Negro freedom movement must forge the closest possible unity among the Negro people themselves, and between the Negro people and their natural allies in the progressive white population and the organized labor movement" (213), also complements the integrationist political sensibility evinced in Negro Story's coalition of progressive black and white writers and labor supporters.
To discover or assert that the 'Negro-ness' or 'Blackness' of an expressive work was a fundamental condition of its 'artistic-ness' was for a new generation to 'flip over' the entire integrationist field of vision.
According to Rushdy, then, while the Allmuseri ideal "that the individual is rendered 'invisible' in the 'presence of others'" may appear to have a certain affinity to tribal communalism (377), it is in fact simply the articulation of a strongly postmodern integrationist theory, which has little or nothing to do with anything particularly African (386).
Finally, on the screen, African American life is freed from the urban, from the cotton picking, from the tragic integrationist ladder-climbing.
The clearest statement of Locke's commitment to an integrationist or cosmopolitan culture for the United States may be found in his essay "The New Negro," in which he remarked with favor on "the re-establishment of contact between the more advanced and representative classes" of black and white America (10).
This book compiles his reflections on efforts to end segregation in education and reveals the experiences that changed him from a segregationist to an integrationist.
when possible, to advance the cause of the Integrationist Norm for these
Williams to the art of the Black Panther Party, the author encourages a look at the breadth of forces brought to bear as weapons in the struggle for civil rights, and in doing so, allowing for a reconsideration of the roots of Black Power, recognizing that it emerged both from within and as a critique of the southern integrationist movement.
Her speech is seen as integrationist, one in which she almost toed the BJP's line even over JNU protests, saying the issue should be left to courts to decide and political parties should remain away from it.
The benefits assigned include: - the level 3 support the integrationist validation - dissemination - security management of access to mainframe resources - etc.

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