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Adj.1.integumental - of or relating to the integument
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As for the female except for yellow integumental markings on clypeus, apices of femora, outer surfaces of tibiae, basitarsi (Figs.
The molluscan integumental ECM contains collagens resembling types I, V, and VI, but has no collagen similar to type III.
Scanning electron microscopy surveys of integumental structures are inherently important for their potential to reveal informative characters for systematics, inspire engineering devices (e.g., bio-inspired adhesives) and give insights on the behavior of animals (Stork 1980; Gorb 2008; Wolff & Gorb 2016).
Enhanced integumental and ocular amelanosis following the termination of cyclosporine administration.
'BRS Tupi' seeds, due to mechanical restriction; this implies that the state of dormancy is not linked with the integumental permeability to water.
A note on integumental (1--> 3)(1--> 6)beta-D-glucan permeation, using the porcine ear skin model.
The water loss rate (respiratory + integumental water loss) was measured at 0% RH because this is the only condition where the rate is exponential, allowing it to be derived from the slope of a regression line.
ALLODERM[TM] Regenerative Tissue Matrix is an acellular dermal matrix (ADM) used for repair or replacement of damaged or inadequate integumental tissue that, when sutured into the breast pocket, readily incorporates with a patient's own tissue providing the tissue support needed in breast reconstruction.
Their movement from one location to another on fish cause integumental breaks as well as mechanical injuries to the epithelium (Cone & Odense, 1984).
Posterior margin of each thoracic segment bearing small hemispheric integumental projections (Fig.
Small invertebrates with high integumental permeability will dehydrate when exposed to an environment at equilibrium with the vapor pressure of ice, owing to the vapor pressure difference between supercooled water and ice at the same temperature.
The integumental anatomy of the monarch butterfly Danaus plexippus L.