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1. A natural outer covering or coat, such as the skin of an animal or the membrane enclosing an organ.
2. Botany The outermost layer or layers of an ovule.

[Latin integumentum, from integere, to cover : in-, on; see in-2 + tegere, to cover; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots.]

in·teg′u·men′ta·ry (-mĕn′tə-rē, -mĕn′trē) adj.
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Adj.1.integumentary - of or relating to the integument
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The histology topics include epithelial tissue, muscle tissue, cartilage and bones, integumentary system, oral cavity and salivary glands, the hepatobiliary system and pancreas, the respiratory system, and male and female systems.
He had full passive range of motion and there was no soft-tissue swelling, erythema, or other integumentary changes.
Morphometric studies showed significant differences in nervous, integumentary and skeletal systems against control.
Name of Individual: Health Concern/ Seizure Disorder Issue * (Diagnosis) Related Body System Vision Respiratory Lymphatic Dental Hearing Digestive Integumentary (Skin) Endocrine Cardiovascular Nervous Musculoskeletal Genitourinary Blood What is it?
Table 1: Input and output data of the neural network Data Entry Range/Value Purity 0-100% Genre Female (1), Male (2), Both (3) Age Adult P1(1), fetus(2), A YOUNG F2(3), A YOUNG F3(4) Dose 0-21mg/kg/day Method of Administration Forced feeding/intubation (1), water (2) Output data: Affected System Accessory Digestive (1), cholinesterase inhibition (2), Developmental Reproductive (3), Integumentary (4), NA (5), Other Systemic (6) Table 3: Effects of the Dichlorvos use in laboratory rats type CD (SD) BR Dose (mg/ Genre Age Purity Via Of kg/day) Income Very Low Female Adult (P1) 96.
In amniotes, colour pattern is formed by spatial differences in the distribution of pigment cells and integumentary appendages.
The most affected organ systems were the digestive, cardiovascular and integumentary.
Horn and tail, Integumentary system, Chapter 8, In Ruminant Surgery, Edited by R.
Complete ("real") albinism refers to the total absence of integumentary and retinal pigmentation (Sandoval-Castillo et al.
Once the tissue had differentiated, the scientists transplanted them out of those mice and into the skin tissue of other mice, where the tissues developed normally as integumentary tissue?