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Of, relating to, or generated by the intellect.

in′tel·lec′tive·ly adv.
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Relating to or performed by the mind:
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OKLAHOMA CITY BIS has formed a strategic partnership with Intellective to provide digital transformation tools.
The good is the proper object of love because it "implies a certain connaturalness or complacency of the lover for the thing loved." Further, the good is apprehended and known, either by sight arousing desire in the sensitive appetite, or by spiritual beauty or goodness arousing desire in the intellective appetite.
Therefore, this study helps not only in revealing effectiveness of intellective strategies in building productive study habits of students but also proves to be significant in highlighting the contribution of various teaching styles.
It is, rather, an intellective perception (nous) (77) whereby the deliberator understands the universal, "such a [person] ought to do such a thing," precisely insofar as he perceives that "here and now is that sort of thing and I am that sort of [person]."
Ashley continues, "Man's wit is not just his intellective faculty but that faculty by which he judges right from wrong, recognizes the truth of God, and decides to obey it." (19) Mary possesses the greatest amount of "wit" in the play through the embodied Christ, and this puts her into danger; by breaking from the norms of the society around her, Mary risks falling victim to the punishments those norms prescribe, the consequences of an outmoded law that has been superseded by the in-utero Christ in reality but not yet in practice.
In addition students in college experience stress related to academic requirements, support systems and intellective coping skills.
So, we are creating a leadership experience for women - intellective and experiential.
Just as one might survey episodic scenes from Christ's life at once via their representation in a single work of art, 'the reader might be drawn above the page to contemplate the arrangement of textual time as a human approximation of the divine intellective vision of time' (p.
Similar to Aristotle's Soul, Galen's Master also has powers or faculties approximately corresponding to Aristotle's: Natural (Nutritive), Perceptible (Aesthetic), Intellective (Noetic).
(2012), in a meta-analysis of research on academic performance, contend that there are two broad categories of variables investigated in prior research: intellective and nonintellective.
Given recent work in the physical and biological sciences, as well as new materialism philosophy, he argues that nature is, in fact, culture, consisting of the same creative, intellective, and discursive processes, but that the assumed nature/culture binary has ultimately limited our understanding of the reproduction of power relations.