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Of, relating to, or generated by the intellect.

in′tel·lec′tive·ly adv.
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Relating to or performed by the mind:
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Similar to Aristotle's Soul, Galen's Master also has powers or faculties approximately corresponding to Aristotle's: Natural (Nutritive), Perceptible (Aesthetic), Intellective (Noetic).
2012), in a meta-analysis of research on academic performance, contend that there are two broad categories of variables investigated in prior research: intellective and nonintellective.
Given recent work in the physical and biological sciences, as well as new materialism philosophy, he argues that nature is, in fact, culture, consisting of the same creative, intellective, and discursive processes, but that the assumed nature/culture binary has ultimately limited our understanding of the reproduction of power relations.
The intellective soul can survive death primarily because its thinking is its own operation and does not require the body's participation.
To the degree that something is immune to matter it has the intellective power.
And yet, a charitable reading of Montaigne's essays would invite us to draw a distinction between Montaigne's stated, explicit subject (excrement or youthful sex or his peculiar habits of eating) and the implied significance: the lightness and weightiness of being human, the more general lessons to be read off of his personal anecdotes, the disinterested interest to be taken in the meaning of being an embodied, sentient, intellective, humorous creature.
Its ultimate goal is to optimize intellective economic process and innovation system.
Print Selling Savvy: Game-Changer Ways to ADAPT and WIN," with Joe Rickard, president, Intellective Solutions LLC
Limited Tenders are invited for Intellective Public Address System (Smart Rostrum)
Engraved by such masters as Philips Galle, Hendrick Goltzius, Boetius a Bolswert, and Jan, Hieronymus, and Antoon Wierix, among others, these prints served to mobilize the votary's sensitive and intellective faculties, harnessing them to the task of restoring the soul's likeness to Christ the Word made flesh.
Diversity of intellective and non-intellective characteristics between persisting and non-persisting students among campuses.
God is the source of both the contemplator's possibility of knowing and being, such that even the intellective experience of knowing into darkness is still a form of knowledge made possible through participation.