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1. Exercise or application of the intellect.
2. Devotion to exercise or development of the intellect.

in′tel·lec′tu·al·ist n.
in′tel·lec′tu·al·is′tic adj.


1. development and exercise of the intellect
2. the placing of excessive value on the intellect, esp with disregard for the emotions
3. (Philosophy) philosophy
a. the doctrine that reason is the ultimate criterion of knowledge
b. the doctrine that deliberate action is consequent on a process of conscious or subconscious reasoning
ˌintelˈlectualist n, adj
ˌintelˌlectualˈistic adj
ˌintelˌlectualˈistically adv


(ˌɪn tlˈɛk tʃu əˌlɪz əm)

1. devotion to intellectual pursuits.
2. the exercise of the intellect.
3. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, esp. with a lack of proper consideration for emotions.
in`tel•lec′tu•al•ist, n.
in`tel•lec`tu•al•is′tic, adj.
in`tel•lec`tu•al•is′ti•cal•ly, adv.


1. the exercise of the intellect.
2. a devotion to intellectual activities.
3. an excessive emphasis on intellect and a resulting neglect of emotion. — intellectualistic, adj.
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References in classic literature ?
I don't think much of you yet--I wish I could--though you do go talking and lecturing up and down the country to crowded audiences, and are busy with all sorts of philanthropic intellectualism, and circulating libraries and museums, and Heaven only knows what besides, and try to make us think, through newspaper reports, that you are, even as we, of the working classes.
A man of critical acumen, poetic genius, determined energy, and visionary intelligence, Professor Brown influenced such successors in black art, intellectualism, and activism as Ulysses Lee, Amiri Baraka, Eugenia Collier, Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Toure), Michael Winston, Joanne Gabbin and others.
Looking at interfaces the way an architecture critic looks at a building, Johnson's broad historical sweep is an unabashed exercise in old-fashioned intellectualism, which is refreshing enough despite some pretty starchy name-dropping.
Nestled in Harvard Square, America's capital of liberal intellectualism, House of Blues strives to recreate the ambiance of a funky Southern juke joint, but at a cost of over a million dollars.
A PDP led by a chairman from the South-West, the home of Nigerian intellectualism, certainly has a lot to offer the nation.
The author argues that popular ideas of intellectualism in the US privilege the cultural elite and devalue the educational experiences of the non-elite, affecting attitudes towards literacy and promoting educational hierarchies.
It distinguishes two opposing interpretive positions, namely Intellectualism and Sensibilism.
The biography covers Gates' early life and intellectual pursuits as well as his work in academia and his influence on contemporary discussion of race and intellectualism today.
The high placing of Mbeki, notorious for his intellectualism, might prove that women love a man with a brain.
The maudlin tone during this ``September Song'' section doesn't jibe with Arcand's glib intellectualism, resulting in a torrent of emotion that feels like crocodile tears.
Critical scholars have often proclaimed that US colleges have failed to generate substantial levels of intellectualism among their graduates, and have emphasized career development at the expense of intellectual growth.
Glasgow is so tough it has drive by headbuttings, a sweatband is considered a silencer' 'I picked up a hitch hiker - well you have to when you hit them' Though any comedian can string together one liners there was a skewed intellectualism at work here.