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Relying on the smart 4S store created together by Changan and Tencent, users can enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable experience of purchasing and using cars in the era of intellectualization.
Using Filipino in higher education is important for its cultivation and intellectualization, he added.
Intellectualization: You have an argument for everything and you challenge most people and ideas.
Head of the Ministry of Construction of Russia Vladimir Yakushev will launch the first International Forum "Smart Cities for Sustainable Development" and take part in the plenary session, where government officials and leading world experts will discuss what should be state participation in the intellectualization and digital transformation of cities, how to focus the cities around needs of citizens and business and what are the features of the transformation of Russian cities.
The late Mike Kelley famously coaxed throbbing psychological energies from groups of stuffed animals, but perhaps a more apt forebear regarding this piece would be the late Canadian sculptor Roland Brener--student of Anthony Caro and teacher of Charles Ray--who used kinetic toys in sculptural tableaux hardened by modernist intellectualization. Pearlstein, a choreographer and video artist invested in Conceptualism and Minimalism, brings similarly concise, almost effortless rigor to her unheroic social art.
Their topics include the intellectualization of method, data-oriented methods: empiricist techniques and procedures, critical theory: the political and ideological dimension, on reflexive interpretation: the play of interpretive levels, and applying reflexive methodology: criteria and strategies.
The government will also eliminate most administrative red tape in six leading areas _ hyperconnectivity intellectualization, fintech, autonomous vehicle, new energy, drones and smart cities.
WEBER, PERHAPS THE GREATEST Social scientist of the 20th century as well as the most profound student of modern bureaucracy, argued that "the fate of our times is characterized by rationalization and intellectualization and, above all, the 'disenchantment of the world."' In his view, the shift from traditional authority to legal-rational authority would lead to a "polar night of icy darkness" culminating in an "iron cage" of rational control.
To describe shot that global industrial revolutions I-IV, we can use the one-word characteristics: mechanization--electrification--automation-- intellectualization. The basis for the concept of Industry 4.0 are: "Internet of Things", "Big Data", "Cyber-physical system".
Almario said the KWF was pushing for the 'intellectualization' and 'modernization' of the Filipino language.
Neurotic defense--includes displacement, isolation/ intellectualization, repression and reaction formation.
System processes of intellectualization of Ukrainian electric power system are based on the introduction of Smart Grid technologies.