intelligence analyst

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Noun1.intelligence analyst - a government analyst of information about an enemy or potential enemy
analyst - someone who is skilled at analyzing data
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One final point about the relationship between an intelligence analyst and a data scientist.
The intelligence analyst said cell site technology indicated Jarman was at Kidbrooke in Blackheath, London, around 6.30am on the day of his arrest.
The MCIA methodology proposed here aims at supporting intelligence analyst in structuring the adversary decision-making problem and anticipating threats and their actions.
endeavor, the role of intelligence analysts has received more
Before that, Stem served as Business Intelligence Analyst for B&H Photo, where he developed reports directly impacting the firm's business decisions.
Pollard was a civilian intelligence analyst for the U.S.
Pollard, a former naval intelligence analyst, has spent nearly three decades in prison for a crime that carries a maximum penalty of 10 years under current U.S.
intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, Reuters reported.
National security and intelligence analyst Joshua Foust said that Snowden's claims were odd as his laughable claim of being 'torture immune' while spouting delusions of assassination, makes the whole affair terribly odd.
Summary: India said Tuesday that it had refused an asylum request from fugitive US intelligence analyst ...
Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has used chemical weapons in Syria's two-year conflict, the Israeli military's top intelligence analyst said on Tuesday, according to reports.
He served his country with pride and distinction as a naval officer during World War II and then as an intelligence analyst with the Office of Naval Intelligence, completing his 33 year federal career as the agency's Inspector General.

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