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1. The function of an intendant; management.
2. An administrative office or district.


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) any of various public departments, esp in France
2. a less common word for superintendence. See superintendence


(ɪnˈtɛn dəns)

1. a department of the public service, esp. in France.
2. the function of an intendant.
[1730–40; < French]
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2018, the epfl represented by the real estate & infrastructures sector, respectively the intendance, wishes to find a service provider for the maintenance of the site.
KUWAIT, Feb 21 (KUNA) -- The Public Authority for Minors Affairs (PAMA) valued on Wednesday His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah's financial grant to orphans ahead of the country's National celebrations of Intendance Day and Liberation Day.
LAHORE -- World XI won the toss and put Pakistan into bat in the third and the last T20 international of the Intendance Cup here on Friday at Gadaffi stadium.
25) These objects were confiscated from the Intendance of Finance of Bolzano (26) and inventoried immediately among the art objects of the National Museum at Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento.
Bien que plusieurs justifications politiques, economiques (7) mais aussi fiscales (8) expliquent cette tendance (9), notre recherche a permis de relever certaines limites inherentes a la mise en oeuvre par l'Etat, egalement appelee intendance publique, des moyens juridiques de conservation du patrimoine environnemental.
Ibn Zayat rapporte l'implication sociale de Sidi Yahia Zwawi qui, lors d'une famine qui s'est abattue sur Bejaia, a collecte des fonds et mis en place toute une intendance pour venir en aide aux necessiteux.
He gives special attention to the mutual atrocities committed, the often failing and sometimes corrupt intendance, and the taboo subject of sexual relations between soldiers and Indonesian women, which had serious consequences, including the spread of STIS (sexually transmitted infections) to thousands of soldiers.
Tucked away on the south-western tip of the island, on the relatively untouched Intendance bay, the Banyan Tree Seychelles Resort truly feels like a world away from everywhere else.
3 (SUNA)- The Arab - Russian Cooperation Forum has affirmed the commitment of the sovereignty, intendance of Syria and its territorial integrity and condemned the ugly crimes that are being committed against the civilians.
Les principales recommandations du Comite pour accroitre l'approvisionnement en bois d'oeuvre a moyen terme visaient surtout les points suivants : faire participer les communautes locales et les Premieres Nations a l'elaboration des plans futurs; trouver des facons de recolter plus de fibre ligneuse et de maximaliser sa valeur en utilisant des peuplements peu rentables ou en investissant dans la fertilisation; et augmenter l'approvisionnement provenant de tenures fondees sur la superficie de maniere a favoriser une meilleure intendance des forets et de plus grands investissements du secteur prive.
Vig worked as Sales and Marketing Director at Intendance before taking up this post where she had been working alongside leading B2B organisations to develop their digital strategies and implement appropriate technologies and processes.
Synonyms: administration, care, charge, control, direction, governance, government, guidance, handling, intendance, management, operation, oversight, presidency, regulation, running, conduct, superintendence, superintendency, supervision.