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The true meaning or intention of something, especially of a law.


1. (Law) the meaning of something as fixed or understood by the law
2. obsolete intention, design, or purpose


(ɪnˈtɛnd mənt)

the true meaning or purpose of a law.


n (Jur) → wahre Bedeutung; intendment of the lawgesetzgeberische Absicht
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at 454 ("The absence of anything addressing copying in the statutory text weighs against a judicial determination that replication abroad of a master dispatched from the United States 'supplies' the foreign-made copies from the United States within the intendment of [section] 271(f).
1992) ("where the constitutionality of an act of the legislature is questioned, [the courts] must approach our review of the legislation with every presumption and intendment in favor of its validity"); Piggly-Wiggly of Jacksonville, Inc.
A] Corporation aggregate of many is invisible, immortal, & resteth only in intendment and consideration of the law.
The Supreme Court of Virginia upheld the application of an anti-miscegenation statute to annul the marriage between a white man and a Chinese woman, concluding in its opinion that nothing "in the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, or in any other provision of that great document, any words or any intendment [would] prohibit the State from enacting legislation to preserve the racial integrity of its citizens.
judgment-roll alone every intendment possible is in favor of the
Without knowing the intendment of the rater, it is almost impossible to make sense of a given rating.
The next, in 1722, declared that an indictment, "being in the Nature of a Declaration for the King, ought to be certain, and must not be spplyed by Implication or Intendment.
Absent a clear manifestation of legislative intent to displace a common-law cause of action, a court must interpret statutes with every intendment in favor of consistency with the common law.
The Fourth Circuit disagreed, finding that a taxpayer "has not engaged in carrying on any trade or business within the intendment of section 162(a) until such time as the business has begun to function as a going concern and performed those activities for which it was organized" (internal quote marks omitted).
Yet it is not so much the legitimization of the public good but its actualization that was Jefferson's intendment.
With no statutory definition of charity in Canada, the operative definition of charity is, in theory at least, almost surreally dislocated from the country's public policy goals; an institution is charitable in Canada if its purposes fall within the spirit and intendment of an ancient statute enacted in a far-off land.
1881) (1852) ("Every intendment of the law is in favor of matrimony.