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The true meaning or intention of something, especially of a law.


1. (Law) the meaning of something as fixed or understood by the law
2. obsolete intention, design, or purpose


(ɪnˈtɛnd mənt)

the true meaning or purpose of a law.


n (Jur) → wahre Bedeutung; intendment of the lawgesetzgeberische Absicht
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We gave the committee the mandate of doing all that is necessary to see that the Law School reconsiders its position with a view to working within the intendments of the provisions of the constitution.
1971) ("courts must indulge all presumptions and intendments in favor of the constitutionality of a statute") (Lawson, J.
of old fashioned words, one might call the Rule of Intendments.
As often as is legally and lawfully possible, their texts and intendments should be construed so as to give all the chances for human life to exist-with a modicum promise of a useful and constructive existence.
201 1-04, fair Value Measurement (Topic 820); Amendments to intendments to Achieve Common Fair value Measurement and Disclosure Requirements in US.