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1. The state or quality of being intense; intensity.
2. The act of becoming intense or more intense; intensification.
3. Logic The sum of the attributes contained in a term.

[Latin intēnsiō, intēnsiōn-, from intēnsus, stretched; see intense.]

in·ten′sion·al adj.


(Logic) logic (of a predicate) incapable of explanation solely in terms of the set of objects to which it is applicable; requiring explanation in terms of meaning or understanding. Compare extensional See also opaque context, Electra paradox
inˈtensionally adv
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Adj.1.intensional - used of the set of attributes that distinguish the referents of a given word
logic - the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference
connotative - having the power of implying or suggesting something in addition to what is explicit
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Given his hostility to intensional locutions, it is not surprising that Quine was suspicious of the subjunctive conditional.
Intensional Particle releve assez brillamment le pari d'une immersion totale du corps du danseur dans l'environnement visuel cree par l'artiste.
The author argues that changes to the study of language, mind, and meaning resulting from advances in philosophical logic (which are based on the ideas of thinkers including Gottlob Frege, Saul Kripke, and David Kaplan) must be reconceptualized, going beyond adapting intensional logic to the study of natural language.
Modal logic, however, the formal tool privileged by philosophers to shape their theories about intensional notions, displays severe drawbacks: its use determines an incoherent treatment of different kinds of modalities and it is expressively weak as important general claims are not fully formalizable in it.
El mecanismo por el que surgiria esta inferencia tendria como base la misma observacion que, a mi juicio, se habria tenido al comienzo de la inferencia de imprecision intensional, a saber: que en ese enunciado particular cierto senala la insuficiencia de utilizar, sin mas, determinado nombre para designar a ese referente.
Being intensional, when I should have been extensional, I told myself even with the owner's manual, I probably would not be able to solve the problem.
La logica intensional es una logica modal, es decir, una logica en la que el valor de verdad de cada proposicion depende de las condiciones o modos que presentan los operadores.
If we mean literally all properties, then the principle is already sunk by referentially opaque or intensional propositional attitude counterexamples, in which it is true that a = b, where we believe (doubt, fear, hope, etc.
Una computologa rara vez ensenara silogismos, y una filosofa no necesita ensenar circuitos booleanos; una matematica puede ignorar la logica intensional, y una linguista desconocer la metalogica; se ignora la logica operatoria entre juristas y se desconocen las logicas deonticas entre psicologos piagetianos.
Following are chapters on verb phrase semantics; semantics of adjectives and adverb(ial)s; intensional contexts; scope, negation, and conjunction; sentence types; and information and discourse structure.
Hence the psychological law, like any natural law, is an intensional statement, (12) while the causal relations this law describes are extensional.
Read points out that (A) is intensional for 'says that', but he does not see any problem with it.