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The belief or assumption that the meanings of a text are determined mainly by the stated or implied intentions of the author.

in·ten′tion·al·ist adj. & n.
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The interpretive intentionalism elaborated by Richard Ekins in recent years would have provided a jurisprudential foundation that enabled engagement of Roberts on his own terms.
discredit it, intentionalism in critical interpretation has shown an
19) The most well-developed scholarly approaches currently advocate some version of intentionalism or purposivism.
I conclude by defending hypothetical intentionalism from some recent criticisms raised by Noel Carroll, Stephen Davies, and Robert Stecker.
Herman develops a CAPA (Context, Action, Person, Ascription) model based on intentionalism without implied authors and implied readers, with the aim of replacing the traditional narrative communication diagram suggested and approved by Seymour Chatman, Michael Toolan, Phelan, and many others.
Michaels's two claims--on behalf of intentionalism and universalism--in fact entail each other.
See also Stephane Beaulac, Handbook on Statutory Interpretation: General Methodology, Canadian Charter, And International Law (Markham, ON: LexisNexis, 2008) (a detailed survey of SCC case law betrays blatant inconsistency of statutory interpretation methods: while reference to Driedger has remained constant, there has been an oscillation between textualism and intentionalism at 33-35).
achieves the mandate of intentionalism, but it also "empt[ies] the
For generations intentionalism was the touchstone of statutory interpretation among common law jurists (pp.
136) ensemble of beliefs and emotions, Ingrao skirts old-school intentionalism and insists that the motives for becoming mass murderers were dynamic and varied significantly.
For Ekins makes a brilliant case in support of intentionalism in statutory interpretation.