inter alios

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inter a·li·os

 (ā′lē-ōs′, ä′lē-ōs′)
Among other persons.

[Latin inter aliōs : inter, among + aliōs, masculine accusative pl. of alius, other.]

inter alios

(ˈɪntər ˈeɪlɪəʊs)
among other people

in•ter a•li•os

(ˈɪn tɛr ˈɑ lɪˌoʊs; Eng. ˈɪn tər ˈeɪ liˌoʊs, ˈɑ li-)

adv. Latin.
among other persons.
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You'll not soon find another book whose playful author makes room for Kit Carson (neophile extraordinaire), Fran Leibowitz (cranky New York wit and technological neophobe), Eleanor Roosevelt (shy young neophobe, courageous self-made adult neophile), and, inter alios, Galileo, Jackson Pollock, Keith Richards, and Larry Summers.
ADIB has agreed to manage the co-ownership assets relating to each series of trust certificates pursuant to an amended and restated management agreement dated on or about 8 July 2010 between, inter alios, the issuer, the trustee and ADIB.
95--The study of classical antiquity as an academic discipline, from its origin in the late eighteenth century and thereafter throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century to the present, has been continually accompanied by an abiding interest on the part of philosophers from Hegel to Nietzsche and from Heidegger to Foucault and Derrida, inter alios.
This leads Pedersen to pursue the theme that those who make responses of this sort would do better to engage in a form of rational reflection that he explains and defends by reference to the writings of, inter alios, Karl Popper and John Dewey.
Plaintiff next sued Defendant, inter alios, for allegedly purloining technology discovered during the demolition and making unauthorized use of it to build a vinyl acetate facility in Iran.
Seemingly not, if we are to trust the traditional views of, inter alios, Russo and Devoto in the forties and fifties and, through the sixties and seventies, Sapegno, De Roberto, Asor Rosa, Debenedetti, Bigazzi, and Spinazzola, who have focused consistently and exclusively on either the expressive structures or the socially relevant contents of a 'gia verista' (p.
The selections include texts from the Qur'an, al-Ya'qubi, Ibn Jubair, al-Zamakhshari, inter alios.
Most notably and recently John Boswell, Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality; Peter Gomes, The Good Book; Samuel Terrien Till the Heart Sings; and Phyllis Trible, God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality, inter alios.
And, inter alios, from the realm of recorded history, we were cautioned to be suspicious of conventional interpretations of ancient chronology by historians Dwardu Cardona and William Mullen, and particularly by philosopher of science Lynn Rose.