inter nos

in·ter nos

 (ĭn′tər nōs′)
adv. & adj.
Between ourselves.

[Latin inter nōs : inter, among + nōs, us.]
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Membership includes a subscription to the Journal of Singing, the official journal of NATS, and to Inter Nos, the NATS Newsletter.
Read these excerpts from "Inter Nos," pages 62 and 63, bulletin of the University of Santo Tomas (volume 26, 2014).
Rebus publicis consanguineis ultra fines australes nostrum, pollicemur foedus sanctum; nos verba bona in bona facta converturos; inter nos nova amicitia sociaturos ad maiora facienda; nos libertos libertatisque gubernationes adiuvaturos ut vincla inopiae abiciant.
Ambo inter nos coniungamus, ut per totum mundum iussum sequamur Isaiae: solvere fasciculos deprimentes et dimittere eos qui confracti sunt liberos.
And, inter nos, after challenging all males on board to pepper-grinder duels, VDH remains as undefeated as Alexander of Macedon.
This process is very important because changes we make this year will hopefully sustain us for two to three years or longer." (Panel members were listed in the Spring 2017 Inter Nos.)
Executive Director Allen Henderson provided this background at the 2016 Chicago Conference (printed in the fall Inter Nos): "Many years ago wise leaders in NATS debated the question of whether NATS should indeed seek to be the world-wide organization for voice teachers.
I communicate my activities through my article in the Inter Nos and at our Board meetings.
Watch for application details in Inter Nos and the website.
I read in Inter Nos that, again this year, the NATS Intern Program is featuring a private studio master teacher and seeking private studio interns.