inter vivos

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in·ter vi·vos

 (ĭn′tər vē′vōs′, vī′-)
adj. Law
Between living persons: an inter vivos trust.

[Latin inter vīvōs : inter, among + vīvōs, accusative pl. of vīvus, a living being.]
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inter vivos

(ˈɪntə ˈviːvɒs)
(Law) law between living people: an inter vivos gift.
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in•ter vi•vos

(ˈɪn tər ˈvaɪ voʊs, ˈvi-)
adv., adj.
(in law) between living persons; taking effect during the lifetimes of those involved.
[1830–40; < Latin]
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inter vivos

[ˈɪntəˈviːvɒs] ADJ (Jur) inter vivos giftdonación f inter vivos
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Trusts established in a will are called testamentary trusts; trusts established separately during life are called inter vivos trusts.
"Ultimately, the judge found the wife's October 23, 2014, accounting to be 'a fair and accurate representation of her management of [the husband]'s finances during the course of the conservatorship from September 9, 2013, until September 30, 2014.' The judge further concluded that the wife 'satisfactorily explain[ed] all of the large withdrawals and transfers between [the husband]'s accounts,' and that she 'acted in full compliance with her fiduciary obligations as conservator.' However, the judge ordered the wife to transfer ownership of the AXA policy back to the husband from her inter vivos trust before she could be released from any liability arising out of the conservatorship.
Indeed, it is an obvious proposition that collation contemplates and particularly applies to gifts inter vivos (those during made one's lifetime).
'So it does not make sense that the child cannot obtain citizenship when immovable and movable properties can be disposed of to the child either by will or instrument inter vivos,' Ranee said.
Based on its recommendation, MAP would like an assessment level of fifty (50) percent of DOF's SMV for transfer mortis causa of estate property and gratuituous transfer inter vivos of property among members of the family up to the 4th degree of consaguinity.
It is unconstitutional for Minnesota to tax income received by certain irrevocable inter vivos trusts, the Minnesota Supreme Court decided earlier this month, saving four trusts over $1 million in taxes and interest.<br />The court said in Fielding v.
in Edina.<br />The deal included a $1.35 million transaction with MS Family Properties and one for the same amount with Phillip Spiegler Revocable Inter Vivos Trust in Scottsdale, Arizona.<br />"It was a good deal for both of us," he said.
The impending risk of such future expenditures may lead parents to save/hold on to assets and self-insure, resulting in large bequests should they not need care (Lockwood 2014), or the use of bequests and/or inter vivos transfers to compensate children who provided needed care (Fahle 2015b; Groneck 2016).
A DMC is distinct from an inter vivos gift as it is valid and complete only when the donor dies.
4th DCA 2016), highlights the uncertainty in Florida law over the proper party to bring a cause of action for the return of assets transferred by the decedent prior to the decedent's death or inter vivos transfers.
The beneficiary of a trust springs the Tax Trap under section 2514(d) and thereby makes a taxable gift of trust assets when all of the factors described above are present, except that the beneficiary holds an inter vivos (lifetime) LPOA rather than a testamentary LPOA.

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