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One that interacts, especially any of the substances that are part of a chemical interaction.

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a person or thing that interacts, esp a substance that participates in a chemical reaction
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Such information may contribute to the evaluation of the physical and behavioral features of an interactant (see also Rosenfeld, 2001).
Once uncertainty is reduced to the extent of determining plausible predictions of behavior of one interactant, the other interactant must then choose appropriate responses, from those available as alternatives, to the expected or predicted action or behavior (Berger & Calabrese, 1975).
(26) In characterizing face preservation as a collaborative activity, a sympathetic enterprise conjoining the face needs of both interactants, they identify the discursive element of social interaction as the forum in which the positive public image each interactant claims for him or herself is managed and negotiated with each social contact.
The authors explain "appropriateness generally refers to the ability of an interactant to meet the basic ...
The talk of Melanie Baljko and Nell Tenhaaf (York University, Toronto, Canada) titled "Different Experiences, Different Type of Emergence: A Life Sculpture Designer, Interactant, Observer" presented their interactive art sculpture that embodies theoretical concepts in interaction covered by the other speakers, and especially in the talk of Erik Baumer (University of California--Irvine, Irvine, CA), on migrating virtual agents, and the human-computer interaction focused talk of Georgi Stojanov (American University in Paris, France).
The intended result is a change in attitudes, behaviors, or beliefs of the interactant (the person with whom one is communicating) and, perhaps, constructive resolutions.
Overall Play Ability Child shows little or Child responds to Child is very no interest in toys interactant's involved with toys and ignores or directions but does and interactant.
Each interactant in a conversation plants cues (humorous anecdotes, for example) to suggest how a message should be handled.
Tangential response: The interactant acknowledges the other's communication but does not respond to the substance of that communication.
Studies show that we adjust or converge toward the linguistic style of the other interactant. Convergence occurs when the rewards are greater than the costs, when efficiency in communication is desired, and when there are no alternative strategies offered by social norms (Bourhis, 1985).
The relationship between the interactant communication styles (home, peer, professional, and multi-source) and noninteractant (media influence without communication with others) was significant; adolescents who had interactant communication styles had greater birth control knowledge than those with a noninteractant learning style.
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