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Adj.1.interactional - capable of acting on or influencing each other
reciprocal, mutual - concerning each of two or more persons or things; especially given or done in return; "reciprocal aid"; "reciprocal trade"; "mutual respect"; "reciprocal privileges at other clubs"
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They cover the role of objects for the progressivity of action, spatial aspects of objects in interaction, objects in the service of preparing for a possible future, and objects as interactional accomplishments.
Minhoon Khan Laghari on the topics 'A Study into the Casual Relationship of Job Insecurity and Job Performance: An Intervening Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Moderating Effect of Interactional Justice' and 'Study of Workplace Ostracism Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Capital and Job Outcomes among Employees of Health Care Sector in Sindh: A Mediation Moderation Analysis' respectively.
It involved an interactional conference featuring Netflix global real estate head London Kemp and Roc Nation radio promotions director Joy Young.
As a result, the system is poised to enhance the patient experience as well as improve the interactional approach between the administration and clinical landscape, which will hold optimistic growth prospects for the Digital Patient Engagement Market in the forthcoming years.
We contend that employees will, through direct FLM support, and an explicitly evident supportive culture, perceive a sense of interactional justice (Cho & Dansereau, 2010).
The first is that educational prayer--a particular type of teacher-led extemporaneous prayer in Catholic schools--is a highly-flexible set of linguistic resources, captured within a special interactional frame marked by ambiguous boundaries which contains both prescribed formulaic linguistic properties and those which allow the performer to attend to real time classroom contingencies.
Ollivier proposes that if we are to enhance learner experience we need a more socio-interactional approach to teaching and learning languages in which learners engage in more real life, situational, interactional tasks which develop a greater sense of authenticity, and consequently have the potential to build learners' motivation towards language learning and use.
It also discussed latest developments on the regional and interactional scenes and issues of common interest.
(2014) found that each of the dimensions of organizational justice influenced affective commitment, whereas Li (2014) demonstrated that interactional and procedural justice positively influenced affective commitment, but distributive justice did not.
teacher interactional skills that will not only prove helpful in promoting the well-being of the students but also add in institutional development of the schools.
Chapter 2 provides a technical definition of ritual from an interactional perspective, explaining its typology and relational functions.

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