interactive fiction

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in′terac′tive fic′tion

an adventure or mystery story, in the form of a video game or book, in which the player or reader is given choices as to how the story line is to develop.
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Also helpful is starting slowly, maybe dust ing off Scrabble to work on language and literacy, or introducing interactive fiction to discuss emotional intelligence.
Drama Management and Player Modeling for Interactive Fiction Games.
The concept of interactive fiction means that its application is different, above all due to morphological diversity.
CYBERSURFERS are starting to lose the plot, as increasingly weird interactive fiction becomes the latest craze on the World Wide Web.
I stayed with the text only options and found them to be amusing interactive fiction.
Adventure Games for Microcomputers: An Annotated Directory of interactive Fiction, 1991, by Patrick R.
Thought Police Interactive Fiction (TPI Fiction) is a DIY publisher utilizing electronic distribution and print on demand technology to release its products.
He argues that the best way to understand the additions and changes after Chaucer's death in 1400 is as interactive fiction, and that they are as historically revealing and important as any other widely read literature.
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