interactive fiction

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in′terac′tive fic′tion

an adventure or mystery story, in the form of a video game or book, in which the player or reader is given choices as to how the story line is to develop.
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Bell and Ensslin argue that the reader's identification with the second person addressee "you" occurs to a lesser degree in hypertext fiction, compared to interactive fiction.
Also helpful is starting slowly, maybe dust ing off Scrabble to work on language and literacy, or introducing interactive fiction to discuss emotional intelligence.
This appears the most clearly in interactive fiction. In a program like "inform," the system knows a set number of words and equations.
Drama Management and Player Modeling for Interactive Fiction Games.
Despite its incredibly constrained hardware, it provided one of my favorite games, in a genre then referred to as interactive fiction. The story line I remember was about a mutiny on an 18th-century sailing ship.
Glassner, a writer-director and educator in interactive fiction, games, and computer graphics, gives examples of real projects he has worked on, including the mistakes he made and the ways he fixed them, in this project-based tutorial on Processing.
This cross-media genre of interactive fiction uses web-based resources and social technologies to engage participants in a gaming environment.
"Lost in the Wild" is a definite treat for elementary school readers who want a little fright in their interactive fiction.
I argue that the best way to understand the additions and changes to Chaucer's open and fragmented work in the years after his death in 1400 is to think of them as discernable acts, like the acts of the pilgrims in the storytelling game, making up an ongoing and historically traceable body of "writerly" interactions with the legacy of the Tales--in effect, an "interactive fiction." A term with cachet in the field of new-media studies in our own moment in history, interactive fiction is a particular form of text-based narrative game usually presented and played on a computer, in which readers respond to elements of a procedural (or rules-based, programmed) story by writing and thus affecting the direction and outcome of the story itself.
Faris) through to interactive fiction facilitated by hypertext (Jay David Bolter), and all interrogate or articulate that instability with theories of textuality, post-structuralist or otherwise.
CYBERSURFERS are starting to lose the plot, as increasingly weird interactive fiction becomes the latest craze on the World Wide Web.
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