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Involving or representing two or more agencies, especially government agencies.


occurring between, or involving, two or more agencies
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21, a CBP Air and Marine Operations DHC-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft crew located a suspicious go-fast vessel south of the Dominican Republic and worked with interagency partners to intercept.
Joint interagency teams, therefore, should be increasingly viewed as attractive forums and vehicles to leverage our combined national power in support of U.
Senior-level speakers from across the spectrum of agencies give short presentations on interagency collaboration and their lessons learned.
Archaeologists, anthropologists, and people who worked in the agencies trace the history of the River Basin Survey and Interagency Archaeological Salvage Program and their contributions to American archaeology.
The meeting also discussed global experience in solving issues of interagency statistics, reforms in statistical accounting, coverage of economic entities by statistical accounting, and several others.
Under the interagency agreement, EPA will receive assistance in its oversight role from the Corps, while actual construction of the barrier will be performed by a contractor hired by the site's potentially responsible parties (PRPs).
My time as an interagency fellow was spent working in the national headquarters of the U.
Police sought the interagency team's help because the trespassing suspect suffered a head injury during the tussle that initially appeared to be severe, McLaughlin said.
This excellent, albeit short, publication explains how a part-time interagency working group known as the Active Measures Working Group, established during the Reagan administration, effectively accomplished its mission.
The program gives Army captains and majors the opportunity to be assigned to a national agency located in the national capital region for one year as an Army interagency fellow.
USEUCOM: Established a J-9 Directorate for Interagency Partnering; and
These architectures are developed in order to provide a template for the replication of successful interagency coordination for the JICTC based upon the successful interagency efforts of Joint Interagency Task Force-South (JIATF-South) and the Special Operations Forces (SOF) high-value target teams.

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