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Noun1.interagency support - provision of logistic (or administrative) support by one or more of the military services to one or more departments or agencies of the United States government
logistic assistance, logistic support - assistance between and within military commands
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By sharing products, policies, best practices, and training guidance, the RA and RC developed enduring respect for one another and expanded relationships beyond the scope of CID-specific training events, building a network of interagency support.
(3) Originally passed in 1932, (4) the Economy Act enables a federal agency to receive supplies or services from another agency through the use of interagency support agreements.
Stanton explained that his office had been focusing on bringing together interagency support for the warfighter.
Contingency contracting support has evolved from purchases under the simplified acquisition threshold to major defense procurement and interagency support of commodities, services, and construction for military operations and other emergency relief.
Miller said: "When we don't get the interagency support that's required, it passes the risks down to our soldiers and our units ...
Topics include contracting and contracting vehicles, joint and interagency support, theater logistics movement/ support and more.
We will need joint, coalition, and interagency support to ensure that we have the right force at the right place at the right time.
Contractors will perform multi-tasking of horizontal construction services for a wide variety of new construction, maintenance, repair, and alteration projects for Civil, Military, and International and Interagency Support (ILS) projects.
* When requesting DOD or other interagency support, including airlifts for American or foreign personnel on DOD aircraft, humanitarian assistance or disaster relief and personnel support, start with the Ops Center's military advisor at (202) 6476097.
As the regional military leaders, the geographic combatant commanders support national efforts to implement the National Strategy for Maritime Security and garner interagency support to establish an MDA Program of Record.
--Capabilities for Management of Coalition and Interagency Support. USJFCOM, along with eight other coalition partners (including NATO), has initiated a massive Multinational Experiment 5 (MNE5) during 2007-2009.

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