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 (ĭn-tûr′kə-lĕr′ē, ĭn′tər-kăl′ə-rē)
a. Inserted in the calendar to make the calendar year correspond to the solar year. Used of a day or month.
b. Having such a day or month inserted. Used of a year.
2. Inserted between other elements or parts; interpolated.

[Latin intercalārius, intercalāris, from intercalāre, to intercalate; see intercalate.]


(ɪnˈtɜːkələrɪ) or


1. (Horology) (of a day, month, etc) inserted in the calendar
2. (Horology) (of a particular year) having one or more days inserted
3. inserted, introduced, or interpolated
4. (Botany) botany growing between the upper branches and the lower branches or bracts on a stem
[C17: from Latin intercalārius; see intercalate]
inˈtercalarily adv


(ɪnˈtɜr kəˌlɛr i, ˌɪn tərˈkæl ə ri)

1. interpolated; interposed.
2. inserted or interpolated in the calendar, as an extra day or month.
3. (of a year) having such an inserted day, month, etc.
[1605–15; < Latin intercalārius=intercal(āre) to intercalate + -ārius -ary]
in•ter′ca•lar`i•ly, adv.


inserted into the calendar, as the twenty-ninth day of February in a leap year. — intercalation, n.intercalative, adj.
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Adj.1.intercalary - having a day or month inserted to make the calendar year correspond to the solar year: "Feb. 29 is an intercalary day"; "a leap year is an intercalary year"
additive - characterized or produced by addition; "an additive process"


adjSchalt-; intercalary daySchalttag m
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Peridinium has come to be defined as having a plate formula of 4' 2-3a, 7", 5'" 2'"', with species based on the presence/absence of an apical pore, the two alternatives for number of apical intercalary plates, plate arrangements, size, ornamentation, and nutrition (photosynthetic or heterotrophic).
(NYSE: GOL and Bovespa: GOLL4) has said that its board of directors has approved the payment of intercalary dividends, relating to the first quarter of the fiscal year 2008.
What is the function and effect of the intercalary meristem?
As the leaf develops, cell division occurs at two locations: the upper intercalary meristem at the base of the blade and the lower intercalary meristem at the base of the sheath (Figure 2-5).
This original linkage was tempered by the Quraysh and the Jews (11) by introducing intercalary month, a practice condemned by the Qur'an: The intercalation [an-nasi] is but an increase in kufr, [a means] by which those who deny the Truth are led astray.
intercalary months, and his final sum is posited as a number of days.
In Printing and Proof-Reading Hinman shows compositor E (Leason) working closely with the experienced compositor B--with whom, however, he could not keep up: the formes of type compositor E set were 'intercalary' to the established sequence of composition, correction, and press-work, and at the beginning he was unable to set from manuscript copy efficiently.
Tussock regrowth after grazing: Intercalary meristem and axillary bud activity of Agropyron desertorum.
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above, there are only two possibilities or variables in intercalary months: it is either Pausa or asadha for as many as twelve months of any
225] suggested "The Closing Day for the Accounting Year shall be the full moon day of the month of Asadha [June/July], the year consisting of 354 days (according to the lunar calendar) with a separate book for time intercalary month [2.7]."