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tr.v. in·ter·ca·lat·ed, in·ter·ca·lat·ing, in·ter·ca·lates
1. To insert (a day or month) in a calendar.
2. To insert, interpose, or interpolate.

[Latin intercalāre, intercalāt- : inter-, inter- + calāre, to proclaim; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]

in·ter′ca·la′tion n.
in·ter′ca·la′tive adj.
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a. intercalado-a, colocado-a entre dos partes o elementos.
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It is also plausible that the two mentioned mechanisms are intricated, as more as ARVC is currently considered a disease of the intercalated disk, as a carrefour of desmosomal and non-desmosomal close interactions [31, 41].
Myelin-like structures and some vacuoles in cytoplasm, giant mitochondria formation, and enlargement of intercellular space in intercalated disk were observed.