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The intercept form of the equation of a line is x/a


tr.v. in·ter·cept·ed, in·ter·cept·ing, in·ter·cepts
1. To stop, deflect, or interrupt the progress or intended course of: intercepted me with a message as I was leaving.
2. Sports
a. To gain possession of (an opponent's pass), as in football or basketball.
b. To gain possession of a pass made by (an opponent), especially in football.
3. To slow or prevent (precipitation) from reaching the ground. Used of vegetation.
4. Mathematics
a. To intersect (a coordinate axis).
b. To include or bound (a part of a space or curve) between two points or lines.
5. Archaic To prevent.
6. Obsolete To cut off from access or communication.
n. (ĭn′tər-sĕpt′)
1. Mathematics The point or coordinates at which a line, curve, or surface intersects a coordinate axis.
a. The interception of a missile by another missile or an aircraft by another aircraft.
b. Interception of a radio transmission.
3. An interceptor.

[Middle English intercepten, from Latin intercipere, intercept- : inter-, inter- + capere, to seize; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]

in′ter·cep′tive adj.
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Besides its role in addiction, insula has been recently found to be related to impulsivity, interceptive awareness (13), cognition (14), and emotion regulation (15).
Need for preventive and interceptive intervention for malocclusion in 3--5-year-old finnish children.
She examines the concept of unilateral defense and whether the modern jus ad bellum should legally recognize a dual face of defense and considers whether a bipartite legal division of the concept of defense into responsive defense and interceptive defense would be better as an extension of the existing legal concept of self-defense, to accommodate both legitimate response and interception.
In order to tilt the balance in favor of the surgeon, a radical shift towards preventive and interceptive measures needs to be taken.
ineffectiveness, perfectionism, interpersonal distrust, interceptive awareness and maturity fears.
We used the interceptive awareness subscale of the Eating Disorder Inventory (Garner, Olmstead, & Polivy, 1983).
1) Interceptive treatment, if the transposition is detected earlier in life within 6-8 yrs.
PD 1563 is a surprisingly comprehensive law which talks of an integrated package of services, classified as preventive, habilitative, interceptive, remedial and rehabilitative.
According to the two SB members, the ordinance aims to prevent commission of mendicancy, exploitation of minors through mendicancy and provide rehabilitative services for those already exploited or in immediate danger of exploitation; promote rehabilitation of mendicants and exploited minors found begging by providing developmental, preventive, interceptive, remedial and rehabilitative services; and promote rehabilitation of persons with disabilities by providing short-term developmental and rehabilitative programs or services.
Serious problems can oftentimes be prevented through early interceptive treatment.
Johan Otker's side were in festive mode as they gifted the visitors two interceptive tries, but kept within touching distance until the very end thanks to a score from Marcus Sudron.