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A bone located in front of the sternum and between the clavicles in certain vertebrates, such as reptiles and amphibians.

in′ter·cla·vic′u·lar (-klə-vĭk′yə-lər) adj.


(Zoology) a membrane bone between and beneath the clavicles, present in some fossil amphibians, all reptiles except snakes, and monotremes
interclavicular adj


(ˌɪn tərˈklæv ɪ kəl)

a median membrane bone developed between the collarbones, or in front of the breastbone, in many vertebrates.
in`ter•cla•vic′u•lar (-kləˈvɪk yə lər) adj.
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The ventral side of the interclavicle (Icl) demonstrates a median ridge marking the boundary between the opposing clavicles and thin straight crests running from it towards the lateral margins of the bone in a fan-shaped manner.
18D), has yielded a skull and a few associated postcranial fragments (including a nearly complete interclavicle) of the leptopleuronine procolophonid Hypsognathus cf.