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1. The open spaces between the columns in a colonnade.
2. The system by which the columns in a colonnade are spaced.


1. (Architecture) the horizontal distance between two adjacent columns
2. (Architecture) the system of spacing for a set of columns
[C17: from Latin intercolumnium space between two columns]
ˌintercoˈlumnar adj


(ˌɪn tər kəˌlʌm niˈeɪ ʃən)

n. Archit.
1. the space between two adjacent columns, esp. the clear space between the lower parts of the shafts.
2. the system of spacing between columns.
[1655–65; < Latin intercolumni(um) space between columns]


the space between columns; the pattern of spacing between columns.
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The square piers are 155-170 cm thick; the intercolumniation is approximately the measure of two piers, that is 280295 cm (27).
As excavated, this section of the south colonnade was found adapted to its final phase of use, the second intercolumniation having been walled in with rubble and a reused funerary column.
Robinson first cautioned about the intercolumniation of the mausoleum.