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Noun1.intercommunication system - a communication system linking different rooms within a building or ship etcintercommunication system - a communication system linking different rooms within a building or ship etc
communication system - a system for communicating
interphone - a telephonic intercommunication system linking different rooms in a building or ship etc
intercom speaker, squawk box, squawker - the loudspeaker on an intercom or public address system
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This includes the provision of the Secure Voice and Tactical Intercommunication System, the ship's telephone system and the main broadcast and alarm system.
3P Racing sent me all the ball bearings for the wheels, in order to prevent the troubles I had in Tajikistan Sena Bluetooth sent me its brand new intercommunication system, the 20S, which I use a lot even now that I am travelling alone.
The STC provides a proven, certified cockpit for the AT-802, which includes the Garmin G600 system, and features dual-screen Primary/Multi-Function displays, an air data computer and attitude/heading reference system, a digital intercommunication system, and an L3 next-generation Electronic Standby Instrument System.
Scrambling to get the weapon system ready prior to takeoff, the instructor NFO directed his student NFOs to deselect the pilots on the intercommunication system (ICS) to improve combat information center (CIC) communication.
It boasted a free radio and intercommunication system in every room.
According to it, no stranger should be allowed to enter the premises of institution at anytime and security team must have intercommunication system in form of WALKITALKI mobile phones.
We set up the intercommunication system (ICS), so the flight engineer on the ground and pilot in the flight station could talk.
Manufacturer of military and civil defence systems Cobham plc (LSE:COB) revealed on Monday that the Cobham-Northrop Grumman Team (NGCI) has been awarded 50% of the USD2.4bn 10-year contract to provide the VIS-X Vehicular Intercommunication System Expanded for the US Army's Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM).
X4.10--i968 (Revision of x2.5.21 - 1 959 Minimum Requirements for Remote Dictation through an Intercommunication System ($2.25) X4.11-1968 Preferred Design Voltage Rating and Minimum Tolerance of Office Machines ($1.75)
Due to hydraulic problems, the electrical power supporting the intercommunication system was non-operational, and there was questionable performance for one engine.
The TruLink wireless intercommunication system from Telephonics of Farmingdale, New York, enhances communications and increases operator safety where mobility and clear communications are critical.

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