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Mutual conversion.

in′ter·con·vert′ v.
in′ter·con·vert′i·bil′i·ty n.
in′ter·con·vert′i·ble adj.


vb (tr)
to convert (two things) into one another
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Non-CSCs and CSCs can be interconverted, maintaining their dynamic balance.
Most impressively, they predicted, and later experimentally verified, that arginine is interconverted to ornithine during its degradation and is excreted to the environment early in growth, only to be taken up later as a source of arginine.
Distensibility index and collapsibility index can be interconverted using the following two equations: DI = CI/(100% - CI) * 100%.
"This is not only of practical importance for regenerative medicine in terms of potentially yielding a source of new blood or immune cells, but it is also interesting from a fundamental biological perspective that two very different cells - like skin and blood - can be interconverted," added Dr Kyle Loh, currently an investigator and instructor at Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, and a member of the project team as a former GIS intern.
tuberculata detected with Griess reaction may be due to scavenger activity of extracts for nitrogen derivative species, i.e., N[O.sub.2], [N.sub.2][O.sub.3], [N.sub.2][O.sub.4], peroxynitrite ([ONOO.sup.-]) or even for different redox forms, such as nitrosonium ([NO.sup.+]) and nitroxyl anion ([NO.sup.-]) generated or interconverted from nitric oxide under physiological conditions.
Erucin and SFN are interconverted by human metabolism and show comparable bioactivity in vivo.
By analyzing the fate of these isotopes, Lehnherr deduced the rates at which the various forms of mercury were interconverted in the water.
(33) This is particularly interesting in that dietary trans-fat is almost entirely consumed as singly unsaturated C18 FAs, whereas C18:2 isomers are, at least to some extent, interconverted by enoyl isomerases, (22) and thus may reflect both nondietary and dietary constituents of the cell membrane FA content.
Maleic acid and fumaric acid can not normally be interconverted because rotation around the carbon-carbon double bond is restricted.
PVDF is a semicrystalline polymer that presents at least three main types of crystal forms [alpha], [beta], and [gamma], which may be interconverted. Moreover, the content of a specific phase is closely related to the method of sample preparation.